Christians, does it bother you that the majority of the traditions that society oberves at Christmas are Pagan?

It’s true, the Yule Log, the Tree, the mistletoe, the decorations, even the traditions of caroling are all Northern European Pagan traditions. In fact, if you take Jesus out of the celebrations for a secular Yuletide celebration, you have a traditional Pagan Solstice celebration. Doesn’t it concern you, even slightly that in the celebration of your gods birth, that there is so little of him in the celebration. Also, the holiday was used to celebrate the rebirth of the sun.

26 thoughts on “Christians, does it bother you that the majority of the traditions that society oberves at Christmas are Pagan?

  1. Nope, doesn’t bother me at all. We stole them, we redeemed them, and now we own them.

    Why, does it bother you?

  2. Were I a Pagan, I would be offended. I’m just sayin’…

    And no, hon, you don’t own them as long as there are people who know the truth.

  3. Doesn’t bother them in the slightest – because they pretend it’s not true.

    Look at this whole “why do atheists celebrate Christmas?” crap.

  4. I don’t celebrate any rebirth of the sun. My Christmas tree is nothing but decoration. The tree was a symbol of life in the dead of winter. I see no harm in that, and I really don’t care what other people think.

  5. Nope. It is a good tradition. All the trappings are cool. Doesn’t bother me in the least.

  6. Like you said: “the holiday WAS used to celebrate the rebirth of the sun.”
    Not anymore.

  7. Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of it is, why did people choose Decemeber 25th as the official day, and why do some others celebrate it in January. It is pretty well agreed upon though that Jesus came 2009 years ago. That won’t be changed from the calender.

  8. No, nor is it surprising..The majority of us are the descendants of those same pagan gentiles that practised those traditions to their ‘gods’….

  9. December 25th was indeed a pagan holiday. In ancient ages many new converts yielded to temptation to keep that feast. It seems that Christian leaders endeavored to counteract that practice by giving believers a Christian festival on the same day, celebrating the birth of Christ. Some churches in our day conduct special banquets or other attractions for their high school seniors on the night of the senior prom for much the same motive. Certainly the celebration of Christmas is not a continuation of the pagan holiday. It is a unique Christian observance hailing the birth of Jesus Christ.

    Moreover, December 25 is especially fitting in that it comes four days after the winter solstice. As the days grow longer with more light, Christians rejoice in the hope of the world in the birth of him who called himself the Light of the World. G. H. Montgomery wrote, “Church leaders saw in the birth of Jesus a triumph of light over darkness, spring over winter and of life over death. What more appropriate time could have been selected to commemorate the birth of the Man whose life, teachings and vicarious death were to change the trends of history, cause light to shine out of darkness and offer light to those who dwell in the valley of death! It will be good to keep these things in mind as you observe Christmas.”

    God isn’t against Christmas. God is in favor of Christmas–of the proper observance of the holiday, that is. God planned and executed the first Christmas. No matter how flagrantly men may abuse this holiday, they cannot rob devout believers of its wonder and glory as expressed by the angel of old, “Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2:10, 11).

  10. I know a small handful of christians who don’t celebrate christmas at all for this reason.

  11. Doesn’t bother me much.
    What bothers me is that so many are going to hell, when all they have to do is swallow their pride, admit they are sinners, and repent and believe the Gospel.

  12. It definitely bothers me. I grew up traditionally Catholic and with all those things you mentioned – especially with Christmas being a celebration of Jesus’ birth. I’m still a Christian and everyone in my family celebrates Christmas… I don’t have the heart to not participate just because I don’t agree with the perceived purposes of the holiday by typical Christians.

  13. It is irrelevant whatever came before Christmas, because “CHRISTmas” is the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

    The tree doesn’t matter, mistletoe doesn’t matter, a yule log doesn’t matter. Those things might be fun to enjoy, but they’re not WHY we have CHRISTmas.

    The only thing that matters is:

    Unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given,
    And his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor,
    Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

    If you ask me, that’s really something to celebrate.

    Also, what are your original sources which show exactly what a “traditional Pagan Solstice celebration” contained?

    And please cite a source that shows the tradition of caroling originated with pagans. Or for that matter, cite a carol originating with pagans if you can. And where can we view the manuscript, hmmm?

  14. we do not use yule logs or mistletoe or such decorations

    no caroling was not pagan as was not the teaching of jesus god’s son.
    no you are wrong christmas was not pagan at all

    the pagans celebrated their fall festival and the winter solstice which falls on dec. 21st.

    it has nothing to do with christmas and jesus

    no matter how much people instist it does

  15. Ya, and they question our right to celebrate then, when all they did was slap their name on a pagan holiday, and steal it.

  16. nope..but it must bother you and others like you because every year the same garbage comes up to try and destroy other peoples Christmas…just like the dirt bags who want to seperate church from state…does that mean all the states must get rid of all the churches

  17. It doesn’t bother me a bit what people did thousands of years ago. I don’t believe in their gods. What I do doesn’t have anything to with what they did. I don’t worship my Christmas tree. I don’t pray to the sun. What the Northern European Pagans did a long long time ago doesn’t bother me a bit.

  18. It used to bother me, until I returned to the Hebrew roots of Christianity. I no longer keep “Christian” holidays because of that very fact. I truly walk in the Messiah’s footsteps now.


  19. Christmas is a pagan holiday and God probably hates you for celebrating it…….sorry…. did you know that during the pagan holiday men would have sex with each other? fun fact if you want to be real traditional pull down your pants and shove a fruit cake up it!! no offense to anyone

  20. No. 🙂 Most of them pretend we don’t exist anymore so we can’t be uncomfortable reminders of where all the good stuff really comes from. LOL

    Yes we *do* still exist and we *do* still celebrate the original festivals. Some people here need to do some research. Just because something is “Christianized” doesn’t make it’s origins and original meanings just disappear! We know where our traditions really came from.

    I could care less who else uses them, but at least be honest about where they came from. It never ceases to amaze me how many people will tell me their deity is the only “reason for the season,” try to treat me like dirt because I won’t agree, and then proceed to celebrate their holiday with Pagan religious symbols from my religion and the other Pagan religions’ festivals. Irony knows no bounds! LOL

  21. No, because they are not celebrated in the spirit of Paganism and, in Christianity, what usually matters is the spirit in which something is done (i.e., the heart). If a Christian wants to hang a Christmas tree, there is nothing wrong with that: he is not celebrating Paganism, but the birth of Jesus through an established (and very brightly colored) cultural mechanism.

  22. And if you leave Jesus in, its still pagan.

    If the myth of a divine child, born of a virgin, etc etc is pagan, why does it matter if the trimmings are pagan too?

  23. Load of crap.

    None of the things you mention are of proven pagan origin. None at all.

    There was no traditional pagan solstice celebration. There were some midwinter celebration but they happened on different dates in different places. Most pagan societies used a lunar – moon based – calendar and fixed their festival dates by the moon. They did not even know with any certainty which date the solstice happened on – not even the Romans.

    The celebration of Christmas on Dec 25th goes back to Rome sometime before 300 AD. There was NO traditional Roman festival on that date, no Roman calendar before 350 AD mentions one. A cult of the Sun was introduced by an emperor in c 175 AD but there is no evidence it had much of a following.

    The Scandinavians, who held a Yule (winter) feast did not encounter Christianity until 600 years later by which time Christmas was well established. Indeed, the king of Norway passed a law requiring people to move their winter feast to Christmas. The pagan sacrifice which used to started the feast was gradually abandoned. There is no mention in the old chronicles of a “Yule log”.

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