11 thoughts on “International Homeopathy Debate Part III

  1. Really great video. I am now doubly motivated to seek out this research to put these mindless “skeptics” in their place.

  2. The World Health Organization’s ranking of the world’s healthcare systems revealed that France was no:1.

    It’s no wonder because 40% of the French people use Homeopathy.

    The French are the highest consumers of Homeopathy in the world.

    The U.S.’s flawed healthcare system which is predominantly Allopathy, ranked at no.35 way below 3rd world countries such as Colombia, Chile, Dominica, Costa Rica and Singapore.

  3. The symptom suppression of flawed therapeutics in drug therapy of “Evidence” based medicine will always lead to a recurrence of the disease or a metastasis to a more serious or malignant nature. e.g. psoriasis to arthritis, ulcerative colitis to colorectal cancer, eczema to asthma, gonorrhoea to rheumatism, suppression of acute infections, STD’s and abuse of drugs and antibiotics to cancer/AIDS.

    Homeopathy treatment and Law of cure never leads to metastasis of disease.

  4. I am taking Homeopathy and its helping me a lot, It’s saving my Life. So how it works or how does it save life can never be as important as the Fact that it works.

  5. You need to do your homework and really investigate the research. There is much pre-clinical, clinical and observational research of very high quality that demonstrates homeopathy’s efficacy. This debate was proof of that fact.

  6. That is starting to change.
    Please post on Usenet newsgroup
    misc.health.alternative where a number
    of hysterical anti-Homeopathists
    and “professional” skeptics hang out to
    ridicule and “refute” Homeoapthy with their
    high school chemistry “knowledge”.

  7. My God, this is an astounding report. Not only is it testimony to the effectiveness of homeopathy, it should raise fundamentally serious questions about what we regard as proper medical treatment & what this means in terms of bioterrorism & mysterious & incurable diseases. We need to hear from Wayne Jonas about his tests of the effectiveness of hi dilutes to immunize.

  8. My colleagues and I have witnessed many cases of chronic and acutely ill patients recover while under homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy will have it’s day.

  9. The facts are the following — there is solid evidence that the homeopathuc process alters the structure of water into new stable structures. There are also a statistically significant number of good clinical studies that demonstrate that homeopathy works. And there is historical evidence of high quality that suggest the system if efficacious. Dare to know.

  10. It is a sad commentary on man that matters like homeopathy cannot be carefully investigated and discussed. Ridicule and bad information so often replace good science.

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