What is the best herbal remedy to decrease Anxiety and Panic Attacks?

I have been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for a couple of months now and am trying everything i can to control it, but i don’t want to do medical pills, so i was thinking about herbal remedies and found something called PureCalm and something called relora max i believe, and i’m just wondering if anyone has ever tried any of these or know of something that actually works that is herbal please and thank you.
Thank you guys for all the information i appriciate it all .

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  1. Try Bach rescue remedy, I found the spray worked well however the tablets are just as good, and you can carry both of then in your pocket and us when you need to.

  2. I’ve never tried Purecalm and Relora before but i do use Panicyl and recommend it. It works great and doesn’t wipe me out like the drugs my doctor put me on for anxiety. Good luck.

  3. First let me say great choice in trying to avoid medical pills. I can go on and on about how that stuff isn’t the right way to go, or at least it wasn’t for me. But, you asked about herbal remedies so let me see if I can help.

    I tried one herbal remedy but didn’t get much results from it. From what I understand you have to take it for a while before it’s effect works and there is a possibility that other natural remedies are the same way. I can’t remember what it was called, but if you do a google search your sure to find it. Most people talk about how bad it tastes.

    As for your anxiety, just know that it does go away. I had terrible panic attacks and now am much more relaxed. It’s crazy how different things are now from when I had many attacks throughout the day.

    For me it was psychological. I had to get away from what was causing my anxiety for a while. I didn’t realize that at the time, but after a few months of not having panic attacks and not worrying about having them they pretty much disappeared. So, try to identify exactly what situations are causing your anxiety. If you can remove those situations from your life for a while and replace them with positive ones where you are thinking about entirely different things that may help allot. Try to be social if you can. Hang out with friends and family and keep your mind off the things that are causing you stress. The main thing to remember is once you are having panic attacks every day it’s hard to make it go away. It’s when you get away from having the attacks for a while that things get better, or at least they did for me.

  4. I have never tried any of those but I do know that Pot is a wonder drug. Enjoy small amounts as a tea

  5. you need something that address the problem at the subconsious level
    what is vitally important is to choose your healing route- for this problem —– carefully from good information—that means knowing druggs/meds treatment for this can/will be damaging to your mind and body .drugs only mask the symptoms they do not cure.

    This info well –it will save —years of suffering = if you apply it ..

    All treatment recommended by the doctors should be tested and approved and quite rightly so.
    That makes sense
    It costs millions of pounds to test and approve just one treatment.

    Drug companies pay for most testing and will only and I mean only look at treatments, which show the promise of good deal of a profit, –they will actively dismiss any therapy which does not have profit potential— thus your doctor will only recommend therapies that have been tested with profit potential in them.

    Despite The fact that some of these other therapies mentioned below do have overwhelming benefits some, which have saved massive amounts of suffering

    Drugs are not the answer for any mental illness– at best they mask symptoms

    This is a fundamental principle grasp this fully –

    Have you heard your local doctor recommend, Massage Spiritual healing, reiki Light therapy, Colour therapy, the violet ray therapy, Osteopathy, Electrical Frequency devices. Karma therapy and u wont because no one can put a patent on these powerful therapies .

    For much more info/ detail and research behind this protocol
    Go here http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/theholistichealingofdepressiongroup/
    Upon joining this group you will be sent a file giving the info –or go to the files section within the group and u will see it there

    Print this all off save it and enact it and share it — of course someone to help you get these therapies in your life is invaluable but do not be swayed by anyone trying for short cuts …
    1,get someone to massage your back and legs at least 3 times a week use peanut oil or a mix of 50-50 olive and peanut oil.

    2 use the violet ray machine an Edgar Cayce device google search this — 3 times a week on the other days especially on the spine….we use it every day with very positive results

    3.get a tent sleep out side 3times a week utilising earth energy – nature can help big time especially with how you feel how much energy you have

    4 study and apply good nutrition— adele davis books =protein minerals =iron essential fatty acids omega 3 6 9 protein etc

    5 ensure your thyroid is working well get it checked

    6 ensure you do at least I hr per day some kind of voluntary work when you are able..the reasons you are ill , or poor or have allsorts of bad things happen to you is because of karma —–usually from past lives but some from this one –voluntary work will offset your mistakes— how much it offsets well that is down to god and how much you do. Healing us is in direct proportion to the help we give others ie your healing comes with helping others achieve theirs so if people are doing very little in helping others —they suffer more and longer…and if they are doing a lot they get well faster….so now you know what to do ,,and like a lot of us are already doing being of service.

    7 be amongst people who are giving, friendly who have time for you who love you , choose your friends well . choose your company well.

    8 be or get to a place which personally love or like

    9 get and do some work which you like or love

    10 ensure you do no acts which hurt or inflict on anyone –don’t want to add to your karma do we !!!

    11 spiritual healing and reiki find good therapists who offer this service in your area many spiritualist churches which are all around offer this for free as part of their vocational offerings to the divine.

    12 focus your mind – think good positive thoughts, laughter, look at comedy, play good uplifting music,

    13 avoid at all costs exposure to violence, murders, suffering ,death ,tragedies, -feed upon good things uplifting things, things that feel like a breath of fresh air..

    14 Positive affirmation- that’s right programme your self in the mirror , thoughts are things words are things actions are things , all have influence, few people realise these things can have an effect on themselves .

    15 a detox —— toxins can influence how you feel big time

    16 hugs get plenty of them in your daily life you would be amazed at how people feel after a few decent hugs. find a big tree and hug that.
    17 loads of exercise running walking climbing but something which you enjoy

    18 rid yourselves of all aspartame laden foods and drink and many additives ==ensure water intake

    A total cure however is tied up with karma so you can imagine just how important is the voluntary work. The more u do the better u will feel .

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