23 thoughts on “Adam F – Aromatherapy Live

  1. @DJmiserableC*** I was countering your argument that the word “live” in the video title means that it isn’t a dj set, which is of course wrong.

  2. @ 6 mins 26 secs there is a strobe/lazer effect. anyone know what make and model equipment creates that effect? Would be excellent for future shows… Uber chill song, Adam F great as always! *~P.L.U.R.~*

  3. Comercializado eu acho que não foi, o que eu quiz dizer é que eu comprei o cd do Adam F porque vi o show na tv e achei muito bom, mas o show que eu vi foi no multishow e foi completo, porque o da Mtv não passou completo que eu me lembre.

  4. O multishow tem o show completo, qd eu vi fiquei besta e comprei o cd na mesma semana, olha q tive q procurar muito e paguei uma nota

  5. Yeah because it’s really light and easy to see, isn’t it? [/sarcasm]

    Whatever. It’s ironic you call me stupid when you’re clearly far from the smartest cookie in the jar yourself.

  6. because it says live in the title! & live it the description. & the video isnt of a dj playin the tune, its of people performing it, LIVE!
    r u blind?

  7. Why? How would I know whether he was just playing a DJ set or using a full band? I later read that the entire thing was played live but still..

  8. haha ok my spellin mistake was a bit thick but your question was out of this world thick!

  9. So atmospheric. The entire Colours album is amazing.

    They seem to have a full band up there, did they actually play this live then?

  10. as the previous post says, this is not in Rio, this was recorded at Sao Paulo two days before the Rio gig. I know coz I was The laser engineer on this tour.

  11. I soooooo love this tune soooooo damn much! One of my many Adam F favorites. What an amazingly, interesting, damn sexy musical creation! Keep ’em coming Adam F.

  12. no way, this recording is from a show in Sao Paolo Jazz Festival, that was on his music in my mind cd single, they put the live version of circles on it, f***in amazing!! Adam i’ve told you before what you created will live with me forever!

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