25 thoughts on “Astral Projection – Ionized

  1. Paul Oakenfold listed this track on his Global Underground sessions. Enough said. One of the most excellent psy trance works I`ve ever heared. Dellirium

  2. i must say, im a very huge fan of goa music, and this is the best damn artists ever, you guys ever imagined this.. the best goa producers are from israel? 😀 i love AP..!!!!!!!!!

  3. one of AP’s best production ever! pure trip of senses 8-> first official air play of this tune (here in RO) was about 8-9 yrs ago, on a (at that time) trance-oriented late night radio show dedicated entirely to them – for two hours the entire FM just disapeared ;)) ever since “Mahadeva”, i actually grew up listening to their tracks. max respect to Avi & Lior. their name and music should have been broadcasted out into deep space, along with the Voyager probes 😀

  4. This is the 3rd song I ever heard of Goa trance, and it was my nr. 1 favorite many years. Oh how many times that sound at 2 minutes in and 5 minutes in have given me the shivers all over my body. This track is beast.

  5. ubija kako je ovo sklopljeno jebacki…. moras da bar glavom mrdnes ako ne telom…. dobra stvar do zla boga i nazad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! assssssstrrrrrraaaaaaallllllllllllll
    naj jaci je

  6. When Astral comed back in 98 in Serbia for first time,when I heard this from BLAST OFF sound I got MAD!!!!!!

  7. takes me back 2 the good old days when i had hair and more brain cells goa forever and good times!!!!!!!!

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  9. Magia ukryta w dźwiękach elektronicznych. Specyfik łączący rozwój muzyczny z historią człowieka na Ziemi. Polecam ASTRAL PROJECTION

  10. like 2 sounds r hella psychedelic haha i can hear it damn this is what i call future music FORREAL

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