Chinese Tiger is Aquarious or Saggitarious in Western Astrology?

Now, here it comes. i have read some articles which says that tiger is counterpart of western aquarious sign and some say that it is saggitarious. I am a tiger myself and i relate most of my actions similar to saggitarious, as i am sort of warrior, soldier type and ambitious, goal oriented type and saggitarious can describe me well in that sense. But to be sure, i just want to know your opinion if you know better about chinese astrology. Thanks

3 thoughts on “Chinese Tiger is Aquarious or Saggitarious in Western Astrology?

  1. I have in depth knowledge of Eastern Zi Wei Dou Shu and Ba Zi. These are the two major astrology systems in Chinese culture. To read ones fortune correctly, you will need the true birth year, month, day, hour, and the gender info.

    The animal signs were derived and simplified from the 12 earth branches without the 10 heaven stems. There is one animal sign per lunar year. The animal signs were translated to “Chinese Zodiac” in the Western world. And they do represent a part of one’s character but somewhat shallow and inaccurate.

    There is no logical mapping from the animal signs to Western Zodiac, because they belong to different theories. You may be born in year of tiger. But based on your birth month and day, you could be any of the 12 Western Zodiac sign.

    Honestly, I do not know the reason for some people forcing the mapping of the two different systems. To those of us who are familiar to both Eastern and Western culture, the mapping doesn’t exist. Some analogies are such as fortune cookies were invented in San Francisco (and Confucius didn’t say most of those things on the fortune cookie. Also watch out for poor grammar and wrong spellings); also, broccoli beef or lemon chicken are not traditional Chinese dishes.

    One needs to use either the Eastern or the Western way in depth and in full, to analyze main characters, career/love/wealth trends, and relationship with family members and others.

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