6 thoughts on “How common is the Wicca religion in the Dominican Republic?

  1. Maybe on the other side of the isle, Haiti. I’ve heard they practice Voodoo. In the Dominican Republic itself, I think the Wicca belief is quite widespread, but you won’t find a Wiccan who’ll confess that to you, as secrecy is part of the belief.

  2. To the best of my knowledge even after living there years ago it isn’t common at all. Catholicism is the largest but there are also Jehova’s witness, protestants, Jews and others. So many Haitians live in the DR so there is also Voodoo.

  3. there`s some that suppose to known a lot. others just take money from people and pretend to know something. the big voodooism are in haiti as far as i know.

  4. Its not considered WICCA that may sound like a curse word. Santeria is the word for the spanish carribean. Its mainly common in poor locations.

  5. Wicca and Santeria are two totally different religions.

    You can check at the Witches of the World section on Witchvox and see if they have a Dominican Republic page:


    Just use the pulldown menus on the left to find your country. The site seems to be down right now, but keep trying until it comes back up.

    Best of luck to you in your search.

    EDITED TO ADD: Here’s the page for the Dominican Republic:


    Keep in mind that there are probably a lot more Wiccans/Pagans who aren’t signed up on Witchvox.

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