How do you make herbal tea with Damiana, ginkgo and passionflower taste bareable?

I haven’t a clue how to make herbal tea. I just know I have never liked the taste of it. Any suggestions on how to mix Damiana, ginko and passionflower, and to taste completely different to herbal tea. I will try and test every suggestion and comment back as well.

4 thoughts on “How do you make herbal tea with Damiana, ginkgo and passionflower taste bareable?

  1. Mix in green tea and use LOTS of sugar after brewing it…it’s going to be bitter…it’s the effect you want so just get it down…

  2. Use raw organic honey to sweeten it ……. as the raw honey is rich in antioxidants and B vitamins it is actually a food that your body can process and use ……. try to avoid using man made highly refined nutritionally void processed sugar as it will only serve to stress your body and rob you of vital nutrients……. ;0)

    peace baby

  3. Hi there.
    Minx’s answer with honey works well. here’s another way. Let it cool and mix equal parts with fruit juice, fresh squeezed if possible. I have used this way with kids and they seem to tolerate it quite well. Another way is to cool it and add to a fruit smoothie.
    Craig Hitchens – Naturopath

  4. This is a cheater’s trick I’ve used many times: buy a box of Tazo Passion tea or Celestial Seasonings in one of the strong flavors. Brew that with your herbs, remove your herbs after only 2 minutes, and let the other tea bag brew for another full minute. Sweeten with honey and hold your nose if necessary.

    btw, that’s an interesting combo you are using..good luck 😉

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