4 thoughts on “How much of that ego Eckart Tolle is talking about do you see on R&S?

  1. Tolle is pushing monastic ideals on people who are not monastics, which will lead to life problems for every person who follows his misguided approach. One cannot intellectually get rid of the ego (that’s like using as tool to remove itself). It is better for people living in the world to engage there egos in positive growth until they identify with everything, rather than trying to crush the ego and leaving themselves unable to function.

  2. Ego will always be seen. It is as Squirt says… some use it, some identify with it.

    Now, I have not yet read thru the last few chapters of Tolle’s book, but thus far I have not been left with the feeling that neil is speaking of when he inferences the tone of the book to be one of, “…trying to crush the ego…”

    Rather, I am left with the feeling that the book is merely a guide to help individuals understand what the ego is. But each person has their own feelings in regards to the tangible world, of course. Can’t be all things for all people.

    The one thing, though, that I would suggest, is to try NOT to begin labeling things as “ego.” (i.e. “Oh look at that ego speaking!” or “Gosh that person is speaking from their ego!”) By doing that, you are still placing a “Role” (mental label) upon that person and not seeing them for their true essence.

    Just some thoughts. 😉

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