scrying mirrors?

how do you use scrying mirrors? what’s the best way to use them. I just bought one about 2 days ago and Im so excited but i don’t think i really know how to use it…can anybody help me? thanks

2 thoughts on “scrying mirrors?

  1. You can’t use them. They don’t exist. What you bought was just a normal mirror, probably mass-produced in China.

  2. Hello there… Well, I have never used one, but I know how they work… It is pobably a black polished surface right? Just stare at it at a short distance keeping a source of light, more likely a candle, behind it in such a way that the flames movements should vary the luminance and reflexes out of the irror´s surface… Keep staring at the mirror and let your mind wonder freely and relaxed, you should then if well relaxed start to “see” images forming on it… Really reflexions of your subconscious mind, hidden desires and insights… That´s about it I think.

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