Spiritualist Church Under Attack by European Union 10f5

(full Video on Google Video) Little by little the European Union is closing its grip on the former independent nations of Europe and the UK. Now, a church is under attack and the EU wants to do away the the Fraudulent Mediums Act and by doing so take over control of services provided by Churches such as this with consumer protection laws. By doing so they will have to prove their claims and be treated with simialr laws under which you would buy a commodity like a sack of potatoes. How many Religions can prove that they will lead you to Heaven, save your soul, heal. Are these things provable or should they be under discernment from the state? Remember separation of Church and State. This will cause hardship to this organization…why now, and why in this way? Could it be that certain interests want to wipe out this church? Unfair to say the least. We find out that in the rest of the EU, Spiritualist Churches are not legally regognised as are Spiritualism and the Church of England in the UK. Watch as Geoff and Al Potts of the Bournmouth Spiritualist Church explain their point of view on the subject. Dont look for news like this in the controlled and biased media, you wont find it!! The first part of the video is an explaination and history of Spiritualism, then the latest on the EU action and their interpretation. Other questions follow. (Disclaimer: Views and opinions presented here are for informational and educational purposes only and may not necessarily be those of the

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  1. @LadyLillianContessa :: May I suggest a book for you :”Life in the World Unseen”. You can download it free on the internet.

  2. @soni14a
    Spiritualism is not a Christian based belief. Since the cross is a symbol of Christianity and not Spiritualism then it is reasonable that the cross would be removed from Spiritualist Sanctuaries. If you bought a home that was owned by a Jewish family would you not want the Star of David removed and your own religious symbol put in its place? It is not in any way disrespectful.

  3. no creeds or dogmas yes, but the snu does have the seven principles!! and extensive philosophy…they r not affiliated with a belief in christ however belief in christ does not exlude you!! in otherwords you choose yourself if you believe in christ or not, but if you want to be a member of the snu spiritualist church then you ned to know about the seven principles…note any other religion does not exclude a person from becoming a member.

  4. They were accused of it, through toe tapping etc. But the main stay of what went on in Hydesville remains the same. Communications WERE received, they led people to the remains of the communicator. This is irrefutable. What came after, is children (and they were children) trying to please adults perhaps. Modern Spiritualism began at that time 1848, but it was not until Emma Hardinge Britten received the 7 principles, that the SNU was formulated by her. The Fox sisters was merely the beginning

  5. True, Spiritualism does not have creeds or dogmas. They are free thinking. You can go to other churches and still be a Spiritualist.

  6. I have just joined the Spritualist Association of Great Britain because I want to investigate whether there might be a life after death. But I am not a Christian. I think you can be a Spiritualist without adhering to any religion.

  7. Usually the trend is for the Christians to try and Christianise all other churches into their belief system. They have a lot of power and influence. I think some Spritualists want to be Christian oriented that is their business. For those that dont, Christianity should not be forced upon them. I am not aware of any directive by the SNU to steer away from Christianity…proof please

  8. Why is that s.n.u are taking crosses down from church’s, that were affiliated with the belief in christ. Do you not think the s.n.u are frightening people by removing crosses and disrespecting founders who believed in the spirits of christianity and the teachings of christ. This order of symbols being removed, has caused suspicion on spiritualsim and it,s origins.

  9. They actually went back and forth on that. Claiming it was real and then claiming it was fake. They were under a lot of pressure at the time.

  10. spirits do exist. no doubt about it. but the s.n.u. using the fox sisters activities as proof discredits spiritualism, as it is documented that margurite fox, admitted to fraudulentcy

  11. More Power to ya.. I hate when You have the close minded assholes that think there way is the only way.

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