Why do people always mix up astronomy and astrology?

Whenever I tell people I’m into astronomy they ask me to predict their future or tell them their horoscope or something stupid like that. I am a man of science, I’m very intelligent, I’m not one of those stupid gypsy women with nothing better to do than write generalised bull**** predictions with absolutely no scientific basis behind them. It annoys the hell out of me that people mix up such a respected science with something as ridiculous as astrology.

Anyone else ever feel this way?

8 thoughts on “Why do people always mix up astronomy and astrology?

  1. Probably because most people have had a random course of greek and latin in school and see “logy” as the study of……..so they assume it’s the study of the stars instead of study of the crazy “non” science of birth signs.

  2. Well, the obvious reason is that they both look and sound the same. Not everyone understands the meaning of the two words. Remember you know the difference because you are interested in astronomy, think of people who haven’t studied/taken interest in it. I’m afraid its a problem your going to have to deal with, maybe polity explain that they are incorrect so they know for the future.


  3. Why do people always mix up astrology with horoscopes? Which is exactly what you just did… Bit embarrassing that, given the nature of your question isn’t it?

    Astrology isn’t necessarily about predicting futures, and about horoscopes (which IS bullshit). Astrology is more than just the sun signs most people know of.

    So yes, I empathise were you’re coming from but no need to slag off peoples’ beliefs (yes, astrology can be a belief. Not horoscopes)

    PS. How about taking this question over to the astronomy section….?

  4. haha rotfl. reminds me of myself when i was a kid. i was really into “astronomy” and i somehow thought that was astrology. so whenevr people asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up i used to say ” an astrologer”. i never understood the weird looks on their faces till i realised my mistake =D

  5. Because the morpheme ‘log’ which is to “speak or study” is used to commonly in different academic studies.. so people when they see or hear the word Astrology they categorize it together with that. But astronomy… with the morpheme ‘nom’ is much closer and means “law or system”. But “nom” is used much less often in the academic realm, so it’s no wonder people get confused.

    Astrology literally means to study the stars.
    Astronomy literally means the law or system of the stars.

    I knew Linguistics would come in handy someday.

    Give me your birth time, date, and place and I will make you a believer in astrology! 😉

  6. Because they are somewhat intertwined. Astronomy is a the Science of studying planet positions, solar system, star patterns etc…where as Astrology uses the planets and their positions at certain times to describe personality characteristics dependent upon the day, time and year you were born.

    Some people just do not know the difference between the two.

    However, Astrology is not ridiculous and does have some basis in reality. Did you come here just to put down a subject that some people believe in?

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