Andy Lewis & Simon Singh discuss homeopathy & the 10:23 campaign for Center for Inquiry.

Simon Singh (author of ‘Trick or Treatment? Alternative Medicine on Trial’) and Andy Lewis (of discuss the homeopathic overdose event organised by the 10.23 campaign (http on 30th January 2010 in Red Lion Square, Holborn, London. Thanks to Dr Stephen Law of CFI London ( for the footage.

14 thoughts on “Andy Lewis & Simon Singh discuss homeopathy & the 10:23 campaign for Center for Inquiry.

  1. Real is scientific homeopathy. It cures even when Conventional Allopathic Medicine (CAM) fails. Evidence-based modern homeopathy is a nano-medicine bringing big results for everyone

  2. @mrgodbehere
    I totally agree! Placebo IS well documented to work and used to be used all the time. Doctors would prescribe magnesium supplements for loads of minor ailments. The thing is homeopathy makes placebo work quite well, it’s a well labeled placebo. Placebo doesn’t work if you don’t beleive it. Someone I know took homeopathic anti-malarials! She thinks that because she didn’tget malaria they worked and will get the same again next time!

  3. It was a scary situation for my mum to discover that I was severely allergic
    to antibiotics, such as: penicillin etc. Fortunately, my Cambridge graduated GP prescribed me with a homeopathic alternative-Belladonna, during a nasty bout of mastitis; also, I’ve saved an abscessed tooth, thanks to homeopathy!

  4. PS- The libel against Simon Singh won’t hold. Homeopathy would have to PROVE that it works in a court of law- theres no way in hell they’ll risk that. The threat of Libel is just thest thumping, posturing to look like you have a point. Like when Homeopathy challenged James Randii to overdose in a lab and he agreed to the challenge, they’ll back down as soon as they have to prove it.

  5. We see here another example in the comments of the defense of the indefensable due to blind faith. It’s water people, just water. It’s a placebo and noone doubts the placebo effect. However, it should be marketted as such and not as some wonderful cure. Water has memory, my bottom. As Dara O’Brien says so well “Get in the sack”

  6. @sumitdhawan Thanks for the comment. Could you point me towards any good quality research papers which supports this? I’m certain some people do find homeopathic remedies helpful but individual effects are less reliable scientifically. Just as groups of people are involved in clinical trials for traditional medicine, so testing of homeopathic remedies should be subject to the same rigour.

  7. homoepathy works … the thing which u don knw about homoeopathy is that it works on a priciple of “similia similibus curantur” i.e likes are cured by likes …. every medicine be it homoeopathic or allopathic has primary and secondary sympotoms …. homoeopathy brings cure in the secondary action whereas other medicines might bring teporary releif immidiately after consumption and secondarily the actual symptoms reapear ….

  8. If they were so confident, Sense about Science’s campaign to discredit Homeopathy should have begun with Simon Singh & Ben Goldacre saying that they are suing the Society of Homeopaths for deceiving people with Homeopathy remedies.

    Instead we see the opposite happening – the Homeopaths suing Simon Singh for libel.

    Again it proves that they(Simon Singh & gang) knew their lies would not hold up in a court of law!

  9. Very nice. I can see lots of chemists putting up signs that read: “There is no good evidence to say that this product works for anything whatsoever.” 🙂

  10. Would you mind if I mirrored this video on my channel (with the appropriate atribution of course)?

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