4 thoughts on “Does the I-Ching predict a doomsday event in 2012?

  1. i know the mayans did as well as some group in china and Nostradamus way pretty vague he never mentioned a specific year at least i don’t think he did. but, i wouldn’t worry about it because i’ll doubt it will even happen

  2. The I-Ching doesn’t predict anything. It isn’t even a calendar. Two guys, the McKenna brothers, picked up the I-Ching and converted it into an arbitrary 13-month lunar calendar, picking a start date with what they interpreted as a start date that lined up with some important period in history. They then used “fractal time” to converge on this 2012 absurdity. But then, because their actual calculations of fractal time meant practically nothing compared with known dates in history, they bent their time scale so that it “coincided” with the I-Ching.

    Further, most “reputable” people predicting the end of the world admit that 2012 is one of those “give or take year” things. If you could actually predict the end of the world through some scientific or mystical means, would you be off by a year?

    As far as the I-Ching pseudoscience hooking up with the Mayan calendar pseudoscience – the Mayan calendar does not end in doomsday, 2012. It ends… just like Dec. 31 ends our calendar. Then the night flips over at 12:00am and begins Jan. 1 of the next year. The Mayans divided their time into different units, but that’s all that happens.

    Nobody has predicted a real doomsday event in 2012. Nobody can predict a doomsday event in 2012 unless you really accept yourself as believing in magic and mysticism.

  3. No one predicted a doomsday event for 2012. The I-Ching predicts nothing. Nostradamus never mentioned 2012, nor did any Native Americans. There were no ancient prophecies, only predictions invented by hoaxers in recent times. They are making their claims to sell you books and assorted doomsday rubbish. When 2012 passes without any extraordinary events, they will simply dust off their old claims, tack on a new date, and be back in business.

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