The Moody Blues – Blue World

Official Video of the Single “Blue World” from “The Present”. The Video is inspired by the Cover of “The Present”(From Maxfield Parrish). The Mother of the Girl, is she the women from “Your wildest Dreams”,”I know your out there somewhere”??

25 thoughts on “The Moody Blues – Blue World

  1. I totally forgot this great song from the eighties…..MORE FANTASTIC ´80´s music at my channel!!!! Take a look….

  2. There was also a 12 inch version of this – which I tried to buy at the time but the shop couldn’t find it even though the sleeve was in the rack!

  3. This was the song that introduced me to the Moodies, and I fell in love with Justin’s voice.

  4. I still remember cracking open my vinyl album of this purchased in late Aug. 1983, placing it on the turntable & hearing this haunting tune carried through my room. It moved me then. I still moves me now. I am convinced that in 100 year, their music will be more appreciated than it has been by critics (& perhaps played by others). I guess that’s their punishment for not pushing their mugs in the news with floosy girls, getting into legal trouble & the like with many of the bands of their day

  5. @CandleLight1974 – Because it stirs the dead, causes a lot of friction. Also a shame that this video isn’t at all from the spiritual standpoint; almost as if Moodys didn’t write the song. Either that, or maybe the song was channeled 😉 Here’s another fav of mine; called “The Scientist” v=X8Aurpr68uE

  6. @SirFone . . . but I must quickly add, that I am referring to the FULL version of Blue World; not this video version that they chopped to pieces!!

  7. @CandleLight1974: Indeed, Candle!
    I personally think that Blue World is not only one of the top 3 Moodies songs made, but one of the best songs anyone EVER could have made in all of human history; indeed, this song is timeless to the extreme, and the whole album is nothing shy of an unparalled, historic masterpiece, forever worthy of only the highest musical accolades!

  8. ‘It’s easier to try than to prove it can’t be done’….unbeatable line. Moody Blues are peerless.

  9. I have loved this song from the first second I ever heard it.

    I was doing alot of homework from school, about the ancient Aegean civilisations of the Mediterannean at the time when this song was a big hit on the radio, here in Australia, so I kind of have the two mixed up in my head now.

  10. I enjoy watching music videos like these and figuring out how they relate to the lyrics. There’s definitely a meaning behind them, it just takes some thought, and I like that.

  11. I truly beleive that the X represents the St. Andrew’s Cross. The patron Saint of Scotland(My ancestral homeland) and Russia.(My wife is Russian)

  12. X = ecstacy.

    the moodies always loved to get high ! and rise above the misery in the straight world to a higher plane… finding its real worth concieving the heavens, flourishing on earth..

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