The Rod McKuen Interview Continues – part 3 brings you … Rod McKuen singing “What a Wonderful World” on The Patti Gribow Show at Palm Springs CBS TV2. Go to for more great interviews

18 thoughts on “The Rod McKuen Interview Continues – part 3

  1. I’m trying to find his “Sky”. I see a lot of the others, but not this….I love it!!

  2. Thanks. I grew up reading his poem and listen to his reocrds. I LOVE “I Cat named Sloopy. thanks again for the post/ 😉

  3. How do I get these videos. I received an email regarding them, and clicked on something that took me to the sight, but cannot seem to reconnect today (Oct. 15).

  4. paul: are u familiar The Lonely Things-Love songs of Rod McKuen, starting today, I am making videos covered by his songs and poems song by glen yarbrough

  5. Wonderful stuff, thank you so much for posting! I haven’t “seen” Rod for so long, he’s looking pretty darn good for a guy turning 75 on April 29th (he’d be 74 in this clip seeing as Phyllis Diller turned 90 last year). Rod’s words have always been a balm to my soul, long may he reign.

  6. Great! I discovered Rod’s poetry and music in the mid-sixties and still listen to his LPs and CDs almost everyday. Thanks for posting this video.

  7. Entertaining, touching and informative. Patti is beautiful and makes this world more wonderful!

  8. His album, Songs from Stanyan Street still resonates in my memory – a wonderful poet and songwriter…God Bless you, Rod.

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