I beliefs in Astrology are starting to decrease?

I used to believe in astrology and zodiac signs so much, i’ve had like a period of like 3 years when i was really interested in it. And now it’s starting to fall off.
What makes you still believe in this?

3 thoughts on “I beliefs in Astrology are starting to decrease?

  1. Adrian continues to seek out more things to learn from Astrology , he has been learning for five years now and since he joined the Horoscope section community he has been able to learn more interesting things and meet amazing people while he has been here . Adrian believes because it relates to him and the things they say are very accurate , like exploring inner self .

  2. That does not mean your belief is starting to decrease. It just means you’re not interested anymore.

    I had periods of when I lost interest and then the spark came back.

    Astrology is just one way of understanding people. It’s just one discipline. If you like psychology or sociology more, then that’s your call. Anthropology is a nice way to understand people, too.

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