What are some herbs and essential oils I should get for my cabinet?

I’m going homeopathic, dawg.

I’m not talking about marijuana. Seems like half the stuff in western medicine causes 69423 other symptoms. Take asprin, get liver disease or something.

Sometimes, I don’t feel like trading my period in for a stroke.

So I’m just wondering what the herbs and essential oils we should have in our medicine cabinet, and why.

3 thoughts on “What are some herbs and essential oils I should get for my cabinet?

  1. I assume you mean you’re going natural, or holistic, rather than homeopathic- which is a different thing and does not involve herbs and essential oils.

    Some basics:
    Peppermint – nausea, sinus problems. Both tea, and oil for inhaling.
    Lavender – headaches – essential oil
    Chamomile – anxiety, sleeplessness – tea and essential oil
    Eucalyptus – stuffiness – essential oil
    Raw Local Honey – Upset stomach, sore throat, allergies, burns, cuts
    Echinacea – tea – colds, immune booster
    Lemon. Orange – essential oil – depression.
    Ginseng – tea – energy boost
    Ginkgo Biloba – tea- focus, memory
    Tea Tree Oil – blisters, bronchitis, cold sore

  2. Homeopathy does use herbs, look up the actual definition on wikipedia. Conversely, “holistic” has nothing to do with herbs, although traditionally most holistic practioners prefer them. The two ideologies work together quite well.

    Some of the hardest working multitasking herbs are as follows:

    echinicea – immune booster, helps with allergies, acne, promotes cell growth and healing
    aloe vera – antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial, promotes cell growth and healing, when used internally is a cleanser
    kelp – can remove toxic metals from the body, promotes cell growth and healing, regulates metabolism
    gingko biloba – antioxidant, helps with memory, promotes good circulation
    chamomile – immune booster, calming effect, antimicrobial
    black cohosh – regulates hormones, can increase libido, prevent mood swings/pms etc (this stuff really works, let me tell you!)

    things you may already have in your pantry:

    cinnamon – relieves intestinal gassiness
    garlic – lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, antioxidant, may prevent cancer
    ginger – helps with upset stomach, indigestion, or nausea, promotes good circulation

    before you begin using herbs it’s always a good idea to research thoroughly to make sure you have no health issues that would contraindicate the herb you would like to use. For example, kelp regulates metablism by stimulating the thyroid gland, so people with thyroid issues should not use it.

  3. Number one essential oil for me is Tea tree Oil. It is a natural antiseptic, stops dandruff, can clean with it, etc. Also buy an aloe vera plant moistirizes you, natural suncreen, and so much more!

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