Astrology for Enlightenment: Michelle Karen

In Astrology for Enlightenment, “Astrologer to the Stars” Michelle Karén gives you the tools to predict and guide your future and, by distilling astrology down to its purest form, shows you how to achieve enlightenment. Drawing on over thirty years of study and experience, Karén has created an accessible, easy-to-follow, hands-on guide for using astrology that can enhance every aspect of your daily life and help you: – Learn when to schedule an important business appointment so that you’ll get the best results. – Understand where your relationship will lead when you meet someone for the first time. – Find out which is the best day of the week to start a new project. – Uncover a phone caller’s true intentions. – Gain precious understanding and insight into the ancient prophecy of John of Jerusalem, which Karén translates to provide breathtakingly accurate predictions for our times. – Obtain specific information for each sign in each year through 2012. It is your birthright to live a life filled with tremendous peace, unconditional joy, and true love. Astrology for Enlightenment offers you the tools to do all of this and to reach a state of ultimate bliss. Are you ready? Karén’s Astrology for Enlightenment is all you need to prepare yourself for the exciting shifts to come.

7 thoughts on “Astrology for Enlightenment: Michelle Karen

  1. @freecounselingonline

    Who are you to say he is the one and only one?

    Keep your religious beliefs to yourself. The world doesn’t want another crusade.

  2. @coralcadfish

    Wrong. The three kings are the 3 stars on Orion’s belt. Do your research, and watch Zeitgeist: the movie.

  3. just out of curiosity, what did peopledo before christ was born? Something to think about. I’m happy that Christ works for you, but that doesn’t mean that is for everyone, Love and acceptance should be the two consistent qualities we should all embrace! God bless!!

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