Wilde Trailer

Stephen Fry stars as playwright and larger-than-life personality Oscar Wilde in this lush historical drama based on the late Richard Ellmann’s definitive biography of one of London’s most prolific writers and orators. The story traces Wilde’s rise to fame — from his marriage to Constance (Jennifer Ehle) to his sweeping, torrid affair with a young Oxford graduate, Lord Alfred Douglas (Jude Law), that brought about his imprisonment and downfall.

11 thoughts on “Wilde Trailer

  1. I think it’s one of the greatest movie with good acting and music and everything. Though, I still can’t believe Oscar Wilde was gay, for some reasons…

    I would say Michael Sheen was brilliant playing Robbie and I adore him (and his smile^^).

    By the way, I read somewhere that it was the first appearance of Orlando Bloom… Who could ever think that his début would be a rent boy! 😀

  2. because oscar wilde was gay, and the whole movie is full of gay sex
    an yes it is orlando hottie 😀

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