How Aromatherapy can help.How about overcoming Stress?

How does Aromatherapy can help to fight various ailments.And how can i overcome stress.What is the method, hiw can obtain natural oils and essences and when and how to use them?

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  1. for stress use lavender 100% essential oils. (never use synthetic as they have no medicinal properties). Lavender also helps one sleep especially if can’t sleep due to worrying and can’t shut off thoughts. Just sprinkle liberally on pillow or a tissue and deeply breath, Also lavender helps burns. It is one of the few essential oils that can be used directly on skin. Most should be diluted in a carrier oil as they can burn.

    Eucalyptus is useful with breathing problems or colds.

    The work by the smell entering body and interacting with brain. The also are absorbable through the skin.

    These oils can be used in homemade cleaning products that are safe and inexpensive. Look on-line. They also make nice cologne that are safe. (add to carrier oil or alcohol like vodka). I just splash an oil I like like licorice, rose, lemon, orange, jasmine, etc on clothes or hair.

    Some people boil in pan or electric potpourri pot or use a light bulb ring to dispense smell into air or via a vaporizer.

    Best bet is to get a book at library on the many ways to use them.

    they are used so masny ways and so many kinds for diffeent things. Lemon and orange uplift.

    Also try herb kava kava for stress. Use organic or widcrafted herbs. Tinctures are better and more absorbable than capsules. For crisises try rescue remedy flower essence.

    Here are a couple links or other herbs and essential oils used for stress. One differentiates betweeen different kinds of stress.

    Alos use essential oil mixed with an oil like jojoba or olive in massage for destressing or in a hot bath.

  2. Good 1st answer. Physical help with pain that you are not aware of – the cause of some stress. If you read and use the information that is in a book called The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Davies you may find yourself more able to deal with the rest. It is in some libraries and is able to be gotten by any major bookstore if they do not have it in stock.

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