Re: Wicca is NOT a religion

This is a video response to “Wicca is NOT a religion” posted by shiningwhiffle. I am a proud Wiccan myself, and I just thought that y’all would like to hear my opinion. I would strongly suggest that you do some mega major research on Wicca before you go making false accusations about it. And, I am truly sorry for any of my family that is finding this out about me through this video, bu just letting y’all know, I’m still me. I’m still Kennedy. I’ve always been this way, it’s just been a secret. It’s not evil, and it’s not Satanism. I was going through rough times and this is what saved me. If not for Wiccan, who knows where I would be. Thank you. Blessed Be )O(

10 thoughts on “Re: Wicca is NOT a religion

  1. ok,so,i am finding out about wicca.i have been told wiccans can do powerful magic and sourcery :S.I need wiccans to tell me if this is true,and tell me what you do it for.Please,i need to know.Thanks.Leave a comment on my channel

  2. Hahaha exactly. That’s what I’m trying to say in this video. That it IS a religion. Lols I’m Wiccan myself 🙂

  3. actually it is a religion, it was made into a religion. plus things do happen to. so…stfu 🙂

  4. Yes It is a religon. It is the right choice for some and not for others I did not relize it was right for me untill I was 18 things happened to make me relize the religon I had been basicly told to follow was not the right one for me

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