Is spirituality a way of avoiding the truth?

Is spirituality the sand in which people stick their heads like ostriches when the truth gets too hard for them to accept?

32 thoughts on “Is spirituality a way of avoiding the truth?

  1. For some, yes; though I don’t think Ostriches actually stick their heads in the sand.

    I mean that metaphorically and literally.

  2. That is religion, but may people cannot tell the difference between spirituality and religion, so it amounts to the same thing.

  3. YES. The spiritual and intellectual hide from the truth because they know that if they acknowledge the truth of God, then they would have to submit to it.

  4. Since human beings are spiritual in part, being spiritual is a way of getting to know yourself.

    (You can always tell when someone has been brain-washed by bigotry by the way they answer questions like this. This is an easy one, yet people will abandon common sense in favor of their prejudices.)

  5. From what I’ve experienced, spirituality is the expression of the spirit. Those who deny it are telling me it doesn’t happen to them.

  6. No.
    You are aware that it is a fallacy that ostriches stick their heads in the sand, right?

  7. Nope. Religion is the sand. Spirituality is simply a recognition that there is more to life than the self alone.

  8. no

    the lies of men are that come up with other theories on how we got here that deny God.

    God created us

  9. This is so true the answer writes itself!

    God is the personification of desires, especially of envy or rage.

    There’s a reason why no one ever sees a spirit.

  10. Perhaps, that’s one way to look at it. Or, it could always be a way of embracing the truth, if the ‘truth’ is that this material world is all that there is, and the universe is indifferent to our needs and wants, rendering existence meaningless or even an exercise in futility at worse. Spirituality adds an interesting element to that dour situation. However plausible or absurd the ancient myths may be, they gave meaning to life in an otherwise meaningless world.

  11. Hmm I wonder how Materialism will explain things like the mind, existence etc etc

    Your truth is only empirical, not a very good one

  12. Yes, yes and more over, YES!!! But, along with that, it was how people explained the unexplainable before scientific advancements started answering our questions.

  13. Don’t confuse spritualtiy with being religious. There are a great many religious fanatics who have no clue what it means to be spiritual.

    No. Real spirituality embraces truth.

    Only religious fundamentalists stick their heads in the sand and ignore obvious scientific truths, like evolution, for example. Most religious people, including the majority of Christians (Catholics) and Jews, strive for spirituality and also seek truth.

  14. Is science just another way for people stick their heads in the sand when God is to hard for them to accept?

  15. no. Besides, who ACTUALLY knows the truth? Do you? If so, explain to me in additional details what really happens.

  16. To me…

    Spirituality is understanding there is something bigger than ourselves out is God, Nature, Science…what have you… being respectful of that greater force and having enough…humility to know that is not our place to label it …our place is to accept it.

    Religion is labeling that which is bigger than ourselves and then trying to manipulate it to our own ends.

  17. Actually, it’s the complete opposite. Spirituality is the way of finding the truth. And the truth will set you free!!

  18. religion is not spirituality. Spirituality refers to expression of the soul which is the opposite of what you say. Religion is a belief. That is what you mean.

    and to answer your question, yes. people just don’t want to do the math so they write the “Bible

  19. Well my friend Jesus said once He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life. So if you don’t accept Him when it comes to the way you think and act, then you’re actually denying Him. But don’t get it twisted, we all stumble in the pursuit of his righteousness, but pain helps us grow into His holy, sinless life just by trusting Him everyday, and putting God first in everything. Basically love Jesus, and love your neighbors. If you don’t love him, but love your neighbors, you’re denying the Truth.

  20. Depends on what “truth” you’re talking about, I suspect. I would imagine that there are theists AND atheists who consider themselves to be spiritual.

  21. I think spirituality is a way of discovering your true self. I am specifically talking about spirituality, not religion.

    Consciousness is immaterial. It may be processed by electrical impulses in our brains, but you do not feel,taste,touch,hear, smell your consciousness. You are aware of your own existence and this poses a problem. A void that needs to be filled by people. Spirituality is a way of going within yourself to try and understand yourself in relationship to everyone and everything.

    I am not talking about spirits or ghosts and what not. When I speak of spirituality I am specifically talking about my own awareness of my own existence and expanding the understanding that I am connected to everything in existence.

    To me spirituality has nothing to do with the immaterial. Except the consciousness we have. Notice this is my opinion and will differ from everyone else on this page as we all have our own unique perspective in this universe.

    Peace and love 🙂

  22. for me spirituality is the way to find the Truth. What truth do you refer to? this material world where death is the end and that’s it. who knows what’s true. Some people who are barely out of their teens will say life sucks and then you die. what do they know? In the yoga philosophy for over 5,000 years there are yogis who have experienced the Truth. it can be done. we are really Pure love, Peace and Bliss. We came from God and we’ll return there. To Divine Beauty. 100% for sure. I’ve been a “seeker” for 40 years. the greatest wisdom i’ve found is in Yoga. Every question can be answered here.meditate. check it takes some work to know Reality. one can’t be hanging out and smoking dope all day and then claim they know the answer to things. the greatest accomplishment is to know the truth. it takes effort and time and being a little more serious.

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