Paranormal book help?

Looking for a site or a book I use to have a long time ago. It was a book on how to do paranormal things like lit as a feather stiff as a board, past lives (mirror gazing), 100 candles, and a lot of other cool stuff. Does anyone have any ideas for me?It would be greatly appreciated.

Blessed Be

I did NOT ask what is your thoughts on my question. I asked if you happen to know of a book or site to help me in my search. As of being enlightened! I would have to say you my dear need to be enlightened on how to read a question, not on how to judge and put others down so that you may score a few points. So if you simply don’t know what the answer to my question or anyone el’s and if you don’t have any helpful tips for me or anyone el’s please keep your judge mental comments to your self. I really feel no point’s are worth putting other’s down for.
TY TY TY Bad I have tried that and several other ways..ugg…Thats what brought me here..TY for such a nice answer. I hope I get lucky and find jus someone who might know lol…

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  1. If you could remember part of the name of the book, it would be alot more helpful. But since you cant, you can google the words Paranormal books, & check the links & see if any of them spark your memory if its that book!! Thats about all I can tell you to do. I know I was searching for a long ago book called the Rainbow Oracle & I googled it, found many copies of it online. I am so happy too, because now I have it again!!!! Good Luck!

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