What are the signs that a person is on the right spiritual path for them?

Most specifically, do you believe that its necessary that they be making rapid progress on the path for it to be the right one for them?

And just what would qualify as “rapid progress on the path” anyway, in your opinion?

14 thoughts on “What are the signs that a person is on the right spiritual path for them?

  1. Peace

    These are the first few steps on a very long journey, people will walk them at different speeds.

  2. When they can look back at their life and see the improvements they’ve made.

    No, I do not believe that rapid improvement / progress is necessary – my own took years.

  3. A sense of being in balance both internally and with the world around them. An instinctive feeling that the spiritual path in question is well suited to them (some describe this as a feeling of “coming home”). An eagerness to learn more, to try more, and to do more. Compassion for oneself and one’s fellow man.

  4. I think that a person will know they are on the right spiritual path based on two things:

    1. If they feel they are being brought closer to the Lord

    2. If the spiritual path makes them more and more into a loving person

    Basically, what Jesus said, to identify good things by what they produce. If a person’s spiritual path is leading them to do good things for people and make a positive difference, they are probably on track.

  5. They are called to a path that challenges their innate sense of self; they are called to a path that causes them to sacrifice their reliance on things/roles/norms/dearly held ideals/presuppositions of God or gods/persons and focus solely on God as He reveals Himself.

    “Rapid progress” is often an oxymoron, not to mention a product of our western corporate capitalist society…. Real progress on the spiritual path is often imperceptible and only revealed in crisis, when who we *are* (or have silently become) leads to a natural outflow in what we *do*….

  6. Do you over-think *everything* in your life?

    Are you happy w/ the spiritual choices you’ve made?
    -If not, consider sitting down and reassessing your situation. How are your needs not being met by your current path, and what is the best possible way to correct that disconnect for *you*?
    -If so, why the compulsion to lead yourself away from inner peace, moral satisfaction, inspiration, or whatever you want to call it? Happiness is a *good* thing. Don’t talk yourself out of it.

  7. From my experience, the right spiritual path for a person is one that helps them grow and fulfills their spiritual needs. Rapid progress doesn’t happen for everyone whether the path is right or not.

    From my personal experience, two people come to mind. Both give me credit for steering them in the right direction. For the record, both of them are following similar spiritual paths, but one that is decidedly different from mine. One had a long slow road to walk; one involving massive time consuming study that required time to sink in. The other needed little more than a change of perspective and some one to say it is ok to believe outside a tiny box of someone else’s faith. One took several years, the other a matter of weeks to become obviously fulfilled to outsiders.

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