Are You Familiar with the work of Caroline Myss?

If so, what do you think about the her work.

I’m guessing very few will even know about this person but one never knows….

Thank you

NOTE FOR CONCLUSION JUMPERS (about half of you people): I have just asked a simple question–I’m not proselyting, preaching nor endorsing in ANY way–it is just a question.

5 thoughts on “Are You Familiar with the work of Caroline Myss?

  1. Nope, never heard of her. Just looked her up. Her approach is NOT my cuppa tea…am NOT into that stuff myself: New Age-ism, mysticism, the rest…

  2. Yes I am. I personally didn’t like her approach to the subjects she taught but I thought the topic themselves were interesting. I studied to be a medical intuitive it was more for personal enrichment. I still think going the doctor is the best way to go however it is amazing what’s in your unconscious.

  3. Yes, I’ve read a couple of her books. I like her book which I think is entitled Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can. She points out the ways that people are basically internally set to create obstacles to their own healing. She’s spot-on, in my opinion. She’s also got out a deck of archetype cards, …

  4. I listened to a CD of hers. It was another way of looking at how we set ourselves up for problems or do better. It was interesting.

  5. I read all of her works a few years ago, and think she is a great stepping stone on the path. It depends on where you are, at one point i loved her and another i was annoyed i wasted my money on her newest book.

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