EatTheWeeds: Episode 36: Spotted Beebalm, Horsemint

Learn with Green Deane about the common spotted beebalm or horsemint, monarda punctata var. punctata. Wild Food.

19 thoughts on “EatTheWeeds: Episode 36: Spotted Beebalm, Horsemint

  1. @AresCassell It is usually found on edges of things, like trails and colonies of other plants. And that video was two yeas ago but the hurricane veered off just before it got here.

  2. Is it likely you will find beebalm growing in grassy fields? Also, which hurricane was it that you were anticipating

  3. @gaiagale 1) the warnings are legal precautions and 2) taste is no indication of edibility. Some bad things are good to eat and some tasty things will kill you. Better to know the plants rather than nibbling experimentally. .

  4. @RackAttack8BC …I was so reasured when I saw your comment because I’ve done the same thing and apologized for the action but have yet to hear of or receive any kind of response …so in a weird sort of a way I’m feeling I have company in my actions. That being said, now, when I press/click on the thumbs up and/or down the action fails to register at all …incidently I just gave your comment a thumbs up …case and point : ) Ciao

  5. …i’ve just discovered your channel…thank you for sharing this information …I’m curious about your cautionary statement at the beginning and the end regarding checking with an expert first.
    I have always thought that tasting a tiny amount of any plant is the best way to begin finding out what is good for me. Incidently I have been eating ‘weeds’ for years so much so that the term ‘weed’ is perhaps obsolete in my vocabulary yet practical from an historical referrence perspective : )

  6. He did have some books I think, he mentioned it elsewhere but the publisher died off? I think he should self publish though, with his following on youtube I am sure he could make a lot…

  7. Here in Manitoba, we have a different bee-balm, the Monarda fistulosa. Does it have similar properties to the Monarda Punctata?

  8. RackAttack8BC- Oh! No Worries!
    Ratings are not important to me.
    I do that mouse jerking stuff all the time.
    You are sweet for worring.
    Hope you are well.

  9. Man i goofed! Needleheadnumb: Very sorry! I tried to give your comment a “thumbs up” — it had a +1 when I got here, but I jerked the mouse as I was pressing, and I accidentally wound up giving you a “down” … Sorry. Well, your missing a +2 from whatever it shows… my fault. I think your idea is great!

  10. Great ideas! Since ya’ll mention it, I think a DVD with a pocket book would be the best. LOL
    Green Deane, Thank You!

  11. Wow, really? I chewed grass sometimes as a kid and I figured I got something from chewing, but I was told I didn’t. Huh! ‘course, with so many people dumping chemicals on their lawns, one must be careful. But good to know, thanks!

  12. Actually most grass is edible but you have to spit out the fiber when you’re done chewing, as one does with sugar cane, another grass. Clover is edible but not too palatable, the blossoms are good for tea, however. The most common toxic grass is Johnson Grass. It resembles corn but has a white rib down the middle of the blade.

  13. so professer green deane, when are u gonna do an episode on the good ole house hold lawn grass, because i cant wait to go mow my lawn and cook the trimmins…lol..just a joke. no pun intended. your videos are very informative. keep up the good work.

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