I remeber asking a question whether I have found my TWIN FLAME?

I remember asking a question whether I have found my TWIN FLAME, and looking at a clear starry dawn sky, I began to see about six shooting stars one after another. When I decided to get back to my room, I noticed the sky became cloudy. Does this mean I truly have found my TWIN FLAME, or is this one thing masquerading as another?
Thanks for the response; I was asking for an honest opinion. Blessed be.

2 thoughts on “I remeber asking a question whether I have found my TWIN FLAME?

  1. Are you speaking of soul mate? Don’t look to the heavens for answers. The answers you need are in your heart. You just have to know when and how to listen.

  2. I think six shooting star is enough to prove that you have found your twin flame. Twin flame are very rare, i have never met mine though. Check this out:


    Twin flames are very difficult relationship because they aer the mirror of each other and share teh same “frequency”(most of the time, you have lead almost parallel life or even have the same thoughts or emotions :S ) If you are running away from your twin flame, then you are running away from yourself. Twin flame can teach you lots of lessons about yourself and can help you become a better person. However, in order for the relationship to work, you must feel complete and happy about yourself otherwise it will lead to lots of argument and may even lead to separation.

    its rare to find your twin flame on the same plane as you but dont take it lightly because you will be faced with lots of challenges ahead..more than normal relationship.

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