Pantheism VS Christianity (Made Puppy)

this is a conversation i had with a user named JudeCJV. im the brown puppy with the white spot on his right eye. (The Pantheist) JudeCJV is the white puppy with the tan spot on his right eye. (The Christian)

25 thoughts on “Pantheism VS Christianity (Made Puppy)

  1. @Vonii27 Pantheist teaches God is Everything n Everywhere meaning God is in the Creation idiot! i am not presenting No arguments this is the truth!

  2. @moeazysgc

    God is more than you can imagine stop inventing reality and take it for what it its
    you dont have the right to place judgment on anything or anyone even
    the filth and the bad you think is separate from you

  3. @moeazysgc you keep talking about creation like it plays a provable relevant point
    what you misunderstand is that pantheists do not promote idea of creation
    so you are inventing a personal argument for yourself everytime you mention it

    panthsum supports the idea of change and life in infinite revolutions of change
    forget the idea of a beginning forget the idea of time forget the idea of an end

    pay attention to the video before you make a comment please

  4. @Vonii27 Is God Filth,is God Garbage,is God Evil,is God bad!No God is NOT a male Nor a Female,God is neither!God is One singular to identified his Uniqueness not singular as the Number One! God is Infinite while his creation is finite(has an End)!This is Allah(God)!Pantheist only degrades God EQUALING Him TO HIS CREATION! Islam=God is Exalted/above his creation God is not EQUAL to HIS creation,He creates n is Not created!Allah is Eternal,Ever living,Self subsisting,self existing Allah aka YHWH!

  5. @moeazysgc

    think outside the creationist box you might be able to grasp the entire picture

  6. @moeazysgc

    God is all and all is God
    can you explain how this Limits the description of God?

    try to realize the pantheist God is not a deity more like, the fabric of reality in its totality
    so every time you describe God using the pronoun “he” you belittle God because the belief that god is all God makes it understood that God cant be simplified as a singular noun let alone singular masculine entity

    the pantheist philosophy credits with God All there is no grater value

  7. Pantheism is Paganism God is everything,limits God into his creation n also weakens God’s concept!Christianity n Pantheism r similarbut God is a One n a Man(creature) n Apart of creation,This is a Blasphemy limits God n Weakens the concept of God!Islamic Tahweed God is One,the creator,the Eternal being,Unique(Nothing is like unto him) he is Above/Exalted from Creation n has no Offspring’s,Omnipresent with his Knowledge,he hears All(No ears) n See’s All(No eye’s) He commands Be n “it is”aka YHWH!

  8. The problem I have with Pantheism is that it seems to deny God’s transcendence of the Universe and limit God to just Nature. The problem I have with anti-Pantheism is that it denies God’s immanence and makes God seem unconnected to the Universe. God is not an idea and God is not an concept, so why can’t people just stop making up constructs about God? The more constructs we humans make about God the more we are alienated from God. Why can’t we just accept God for who God is. God is who He is.

  9. @agentofobservation Pantheist don’t believe in God’s or diety’s.. Therefor, they cannot be polytheistic, (or pagan).

  10. The part of the conversation never made it in the video when I said something like even if we are all connected like an organism I think God or some higher power has to at least be the brain and in control of everything going on. If not everything at least some things. Thought I should throw that out.

  11. @agentofobservation The Bible was written by man. Man is not honest nor “perfect” and the inspiration could be easily just as big of a lie as everything else in those days.

  12. Hey, I didn’t know I was on youtube and made into a cartoon character! How come you didn’t tell me? Has this video made any money? lol J/k This is awesome, if I were to die today a part of me would still be here defending my faith and for that I thank you.

  13. Why is it that the Creationists place such a heavy burden of proof on Natural Selection whilst expecting their point of view, the universe was “magiced” into existence” to be unquestionable? If you want to enter your religion into the fray, you must be prepared to have every ounce of it torn apart in search of its underlying truth. One can’t just say ‘god did it” and expect that to be the end of the argument. One has to show evidence in the natural (not biblical) world.

  14. @jlm2525 I agree with you. We should stand in reverence of nature and its awesome power. The universe alone should be enough. But the moment something can’t be explained the theists run in with their “god of the gaps”. I understand that this concept must be dumbed down for the Christians among us.

  15. Pantheism makes total sense literally. And you can know it if you have ever experienced Salvia or DMT.

  16. @xxDrudgeryReportxx Because of my environment, I’ve got to sometimes use the definition ‘God as the universe’ so people can better understand what I’m talking about.

  17. @xxDrudgeryReportxx Human languages can be limiting especially if one lives with Christians. Throughout history, the term ‘God’ has been associated with an anthropomorphic form of a singular all powerful entity. But in essence, I say that the universe made everything in the same sense that a seed makes a tree, therefore I am a pantheist.

  18. Though I am really an atheism that likes certain attributed of Pantheism, I hate the term God, Deity, Theism etc… I think these terms are so loaded at this point in human history that it is not possible to use them and speak of something impersonal at the same time. The attributes given to God are then transferred onto the many (pan) forms of God. This is not the case in Pantheism. As a zero sum belief, it must change the idea of what we mean by God or use another term.

  19. pantheism is what you can experience with your five senses…christianity is what you can experience if you born in a christian family

  20. Why is it that when you take LSD you get the ” all is one” bombshell…. I mean I did not even ask for that… it was shown to me and at the peak – there was no denying….

  21. @Vonii27 This video is a bit biased. “Sky daddy” Come on seriously. The Bible was written by men who recieved inspiration from God so in that sense the Bible was by God, God was the author and the writers of it were as you say imperfect men.

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