Ram Dass “Awareness”

eomega.org Shot on location at his current home in Maui in 2005. Ram Das engages you into a moment regarding your choice and arrangement of your birth and death. And outlays an understanding towards the embodiment of awareness. Ram Dass Omega RamDas RamDass Awareness soul choice responsibility onenness unity consciousness presence death birth life god God eternity one Omega Institute www.eomega.org

25 thoughts on “Ram Dass “Awareness”

  1. Well I won’t join this discussion cause I don’t see the value in that, but Awareness is an important thing. LSD is if used correct a great tool. Think your bachelors degree and great job makes you who you are? Forget it…..

    Just my 2 cents πŸ˜‰

  2. dude spit it out already, is effn stupid, god is the only way!!!!!!! god and jesus and the holy spirit, this is what drugs do to u.

  3. @delbertalways

    I’m not at a place in my life right now where I can totally detach myself from knee-jerk reactions.

  4. @delbertalways
    oooh u got me asshole.
    f*** off
    i am jealous of this creepy old f*** head?
    good one.
    the logic of a 4 year old or a PC / feel good f*** head.
    if someone disagrees it is because they 1) don’t understand 2) are jealous or 3) afraid
    go shove obama’s cock in your ass !
    and take it out of richard alpert’s mouth before u do !!!

  5. @jkweddingentrancesux –sounds like the video hooked YOUR ego.
    YOU don’t know what you’re talking about.
    But, then again, jealousy can be so powerful!!

  6. @CerpinTaxt37 You can afford to criticize others? You’re not superior. We’re all in this together.

  7. Wow… a lot of people commenting on this video have clearly never opened their Third Eye. You should try it sometime.

  8. @jkweddingentrancesux i think i understand you a little better now… this all seems to be simply mis-communication due to different cultures…we all have our own preferences…good luck to you! πŸ˜‰

  9. @ack303
    in conclusion is disagree w the deification of this guy. his speaking engagements for money and the ego of being anointed a spiritual leader/teacher/healer.
    Americans need to be spoon fed garbage and love idolatry. i think it is the fast food culture – big macs, starbucks, walmart and oh yes…fast food religion and spirituality that oprah sells!
    this guy is just a huckster and is not deserving of fame or praise
    his ideas are fine – but they are NOT NEW!

  10. @jkweddingentrancesux it does seem by saying his words and actions are misguided, that you must have a better answer.
    do you understand what he is saying in this video? His very point is that we are all the same! Were all in this game together πŸ™‚ Even though this may not be a new concept, it is something that is obviously good to be reminded of. With all the conflict in the world, it is good to be reminded that we are all human beings striving for the same.
    what exactly do you disagree with?

  11. @ack303
    well a few things
    i am not selling myself as an enlightened spiritual “teacher” am I ??

    exactly my point – we are all the same and this guy is no more wise than you or me.
    he is only low enough to dupe a few sophmoric thinkers into buying into his act.
    people need to grow up and use their brain.
    this guy is nothing special

  12. @jkweddingentrancesux (continuing) … look at how you word your argument. Do you come off as being any different than him, in your opinion? You basically claim to be better than him, yet you demonstrate the same qualities you hate. You mock a public figure. Oh how enlightened you must be? Shouldn’t you be above that?

  13. @jkweddingentrancesux Without knowing much about a person, especially Ram Dass, it hardly justifies you to judge someones character. This becomes evident the more you learn about almost anyone. He has led a life many would envy and probably do. Again, I am not claiming he’s perfect! His so called pop culture mumbo jumbo was original. Not too many people were saying the things that he said at the time back in the 60’s.

    Let’s turn it around here for a second. Look at h

  14. @ack303
    don’t know much about him.
    the temper part is NO surprise
    as i said, his vids scream :look at me” a self absorbed control freak.
    so a bad temper (being right & forceful are par for course)
    I didn’t know he was gay.
    I am not trying to protect anybody – i just stumbled on his vids and had to laugh at comments about what a wise sage he was – damn, he is just a dude
    he is spewing pop culture mumbo jumbo – his mssg is fine but he is hardly unique & yet he makes it all about HIM.

  15. @jkweddingentrancesux Wow πŸ™‚ I think he’s just a human being man. Even the people around him knows he has problems like any other. For one thing, he had a temper prior to his stroke apparently. He was also closeted for a long time about his homosexuality. But…with what you are saying…Are you trying to protect us from what he is teaching? In my opinion there seems to be more dangerous rhetoric out there.

  16. @ack303
    no reason actually,i was looking around and forgot about him and popped this on.
    just his voice and face annoy me
    i saw one where he was seated on a stage cracking jokes about bush (shouldn’t he be above that)
    the NPR listening baby booming audience was giggling in agreement
    come on- grow up.
    they are so enlightened.
    the people that fall for this crap must really have no mind of their own
    they looked like pathetic sheep
    all of them laughing in unison
    this fraud soaking it in
    boring !

  17. @jkweddingentrancesux okay, lets just say that you are totally correct. Why did you choose him and why did you choose this video to make that observation? Why not choose a video on youtube that you might enjoy and express your love for it? I guess that is my biggest question for everyone such as yourself… knowing that you are searching for videos with subject matter or persons that you already disagree with…why do it? Do you just want to cement the fact that Ram Dass is a charlatan?

  18. @ack303
    i am fine, thanks.
    this guy and all.most of the other self appointed healers/teachers are all about money and ego.
    they are boring and a 180 from the selflessness and egolessness they talk about.
    this guy is 100% ego trip
    watch him sit on a stage and grin smugly as the desperate audience laughs at his every word
    he has been laughing all the way to the bank for years.
    a good gig if u can get it i guess.
    believers bug me more than him
    he is just an exploiter

  19. @ack303

    More passive aggressive jibes. Grow up.
    I said, and I quote, “Aphasia can be the result of either prolonged LSD use or a stroke.”, meaning that I recognize the possibility. And you know I did, otherwise you wouldn’t have written, and I quote, “You say it could either be a result of LSD or a stroke, which totally blows your argument.”

    So if I say, “Mike Tyson was a great boxer, but too bad he couldn’t control his demons”, I’m looking for a fight? Don’t speculate. Makes you look dumb.

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