Shirley Maclaine w/ Matt Lauer 11-7-07

Shirley Maclaine w/ Matt Lauer 11-7-07 on the Today Show. She discusses UFOs, reincarnation, and her concern with “Mad men” who claim to head democracies.

25 thoughts on “Shirley Maclaine w/ Matt Lauer 11-7-07

  1. This is all propaganda designed by the international jew conspiracy that has been going on for centuries. Keep believing in bullshit goy. To them, the jew you are all the goy. You are an animal meant to be lied to, cheated, stolen from and even killed according to their talmud. Keep being a slave to the jew. UFOs are just a small part of their bullshit. I drove this woman once in a limousine. She is a jew. Never listen to any jew.

  2. Matt Lauer is so OBNOXIOUS. He’s always quoting somebody else. No center about himself. He interviews as if he’s performing for the back balcony.

  3. @dwdream2 Experience is subjective and unreliable. That’s why we have the scientific method, because what we THINK we see and hear is demonstrably the most fallible kind of evidence.

  4. I agree completely. But people who believe in these conspiracies do so through, sometimes, severe psychological alements.
    There is a reason, the successful, the well founded and, what we call, the interlectuals don’t believe in UFO’s or conspiracy theories.
    The demonisation of the establishment and the feeling of lone enlightenment is how these people feel important.
    But as i said, to each his own. Even Hindus. (kidding) (Or am I?)

  5. witheyes2c, the Bible is not a phone book. It is not a list of facts from which to pick and choose, but a narrative with a unifying story from beginning to end (that of God’s salvation of man). As with reading any book (consider a classic novel) there are certain indisputable events that occur as there are implied details. The implied details are only properly gleaned from understanding the whole story and using it to interpret gray areas. We do NOT each have our OWN truth. Truth is absolute.

  6. Also igy, I quoted the part that I could remember at the time. I don’t read the bible as you do, I read it as I do, therefore, neither of us really should throw it at each other. As DWDream said, each of us have our own truth.
    BTW- great witness texts you used there. 🙂
    Prov 16:25 used to be my email signiture.

  7. igy, i do believe he can be just a good man/god in human flesh. but you wouldnt understand why I feel that way so I’ll keep it to myself. I don’t think HE was a liar or insane, but rather brilliant. To each his/her own. I don’t knock u 4 ur beliefs. As a christian, you definitely have no right to knock others for theirs (the higher standard and all). That’s all I ever intended to get across. The bible admonishes us not to judge because of the consequences of doing so.

  8. With all that is said one main behavior has been over looked. It is called respect for the freedom to believe what we choose to believe. Each of us have our own trueth to believe. Many paths with the same destination. Let people be as they are, and respect and appreciate the differences we all contribute. We will never be clones of each other weither spiritual or physical. Religon is not to control, as it has been misused in the pass, and the present, it should be used as a way to enlighten us.

  9. Eyes2c, you quoted only a portion of John 10:16 in an attempt to claim that there are multiple paths. Don’t forget that Jesus continues saying that “them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice; and there will be ONE flock and ONE shepherd” (my emphasis).

    Also, Matt. 7:13. There are just two gates, the wide one leading to destruction and the narrow and difficult one leading to eternal life.

    Also, Prov. 16:25, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.”

  10. Eyes2c, you’ve pointed out the greatest commandments, but seem to have forgotten just what is hanging from them: the Law. God is loving and merciful, yes, but his nature demands justice and the destruction of the wicked. This is not an optional law hanging above his head, it is his being, as you and I breathe, he is perfectly just. We can either accept the cross of Christ or hang up there ourselves. And the prophets, who state that the Lord is one, the only savior of the world (Is. 43,45)

  11. No offense taken, eyes2c. But I ask you this: Can Jesus really be just a “good man” when he claimed to be the One True God, dwelling in human flesh? Either he is insane, or a liar; if he was a liar should we really consider him good? Maybe he was stating the truth, in which case he is to be worshiped and obeyed, as the only path to salvation. If God is real, then he has real properties which cannot contradict one another. Jesus is either THE way, THE truth and THE life or not. No in between.

  12. I re-read your comment, I’m so sorry I ever thought like that. It is so prejudice! But that’s what spiritual journey is all about, learning and growth. Not that I have anything against Jesus (good man, wonderful teacher with NEW ideas about life). If only the people who claim to know God would actually realize that “other sheep I have, who are not of this flock…”
    But fine, let’s say Jesus is “the way”. What command is greater than all others?

  13. You know what’s funny, people who hide behind a Bible they really don’t understand, don’t truly study with an open eye, and let “the Holy Spirit” as they say do the actual interpreting rather than another man.
    It took me leaving the church to finally BEGIN to understand God. Otherwise, it typically really is blind leading the blind.
    Thanks for supporting my comment.

  14. “Be ye also perfect…as your father is perfect…” That’s 1st off. 2nd, since when does man determine what another human’s perfection ought to be. Outside of the basic moral law of love and kindness, no one has a right to tell another how to live. YES Chrisitianity does too do this–tell people how to live their lives. They shun those who free-think and ask questions. Who claimed that faith was irrelevant?? I know I didn’t. And you never addressed the question I asked.

  15. You imply that the rest of us aren’t in search of truth. That is the type of closed-minded outlook that nonChrisitans fear. When people decide that other who don’t believe what they do deserve death (hell). That is not what God is about. On what two laws did Jesus say hang all the law and the prophets? Love doesn’t say, I love you but you must die because you didn’t believe, even though you did everything else right. Get real.

  16. See my comment to witheyes2c, dwdream2.

    I have a very open mind, knowing that if I open it too far (as you have done) my brain will fall out and I’ll believe all sorts of garbage. It is obvious that I don’t know your constructed god, as it’s obvious that you do not know my God, The God, the Living God as revealed in His Word, the Holy Bible.

    Yes, my mind is closed—closed off to all sorts of lofty speculations that ignore basic properties of reality, causality and logic. I only seek the truth.

  17. Your comment brings up the most unique fact about Christianity vs. other religions. Other religions claim that if you follow the rules you will achieve salvation. Christianity states that no matter what one does they can never achieve salvation on their own; it is a free gift of God in Christ. Christianity never states that followers of Christ will be perfect in this life, and for anyone to claim imperfect Christians as examples of the faith’s irrelevance are ignorant, attacking straw men.

  18. Typical Christian. At least she has a open mind, your closed off, and don’t know a thing. It’s obvious you don’t know God.

  19. Why would a loving God (the Creator that I respect and love) punish someone for beliefs if they’ve actually lived the very moral law said by Jesus to “love God with all of yourself” and “love your fellow man as yourself”? It seems like ‘christians’ are more violent than people like Shirley Maclain; they are the one condenming everyone to hell for not accepting their own not so uniform beliefs.

  20. Shirley has no idea what’s on the other side. Jesus might greet her and say “why should I let you into my Father’s house?” To which she might reply how she was a good person. But good according to whom, another sinful human? Christ will reply, “depart from me, I never knew you.” Shirley MacLaine and many with beliefs like hers will spend eternity separated from God continually regretting their foolish ways while on earth. Spirituality without truth is rubbish. Know God through Jesus Christ.

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