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  1. :51… False.. I chant the Lotus Sutra. Displaying self salvation. Chant, action & study. Practice 4 oneself & others. I am interested 2 learn facts of all pracitices. It all comes 2 the same point 4 which every1 seeks. Salvation, freedom 2 be & live @ peace with all.

  2. The English quote of Tao Te Ching in this videos is absolutely wrong, pure non-sense.

    That what happen when you worship the book of lies (Bible) for 2000 years — the liars get better at lying (here is all subliminal), and the sheepists get dumber and dumber, don’t even know what the message was, but “they just know” the “messages” are the only truth. lol

  3. My translation of Lao Zi’s Tao of Wu Wei 无为 is “un-clinging” , similiar to Buddha’s precept of “detachment”. The only subtle different between the two is Wu Wei is more in a contrary sense, e.g. “learn what no one wants to learn, be what no one wants to be.” In Tao, you can anchor or cling on to some principle as long as you don’t seek to benefit materially or selfishly, but do it for the benifits of society, only than you may draw benifits from the community, indirectly.

  4. at 2:07 again they chose video clip that appear very unflattering to White Christians. Those white hoods that people were wearing in this clip may looks like the American racists Klu Klux Klan cult, but actually were Chinese funeral custumes. That clip was funeral ceremony.

    Screw it! I am not going to waste time watching bullshits! The guy lied every time he moved his lips. Even visuals were sumbliminal propaganda to the Christians that has no bearing in factual context. Bullshits!

  5. at 1:26 this guy is crazy! “The word “Tao” means both the order and totality of the universe”

    Lao Zi thought the universe was still “a mistery… for I do not know whose son it was before the first known king (on earth or heavens)”

  6. every picture or video clips used in this videos are very unflatering.

    at 1:10 is yet another lie. That picture is “weird”, not sure WTH he was getting at, but if he was talking about the Indian lore of Hahnuman (the Monkey King) that picture was BS. The Chinese version is Sun Wu Kong, he was born from a “Heaven Rock” not from some idiot’s breath.

    These Christian liars has no shames.

  7. The closer I listen to this “professor” the more I realise he LIED almost every words he said!

    At 0:50 “It is true that Taoism and Buddhism have fundamentaly opposing aims in that Taoism seeks salvation of the individuals and Buddhism, in contrast, seeks an excape from the cycle of personal existence.”

    At this point I down graded this “professor” to a retard christian propagandist (formal word for “liar”).

  8. at ):46 “Buddhism first spread under the guise of Taoism” is yet another lie. Taoism mantra was and still is “To each without preaching.” and Buddhism mantra is “To each until all transient beings become enlightenment” with simbolism and ritual display in spectacular proportion (.e.g. gigantic Buddha statues, etc.). The Chinese were and still are much smarter than this dumb professor made them to be. WE KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

  9. @ 0:44 “Confuscianist by day and Taoist by night” is a lie. Confuscious had nothing but praise when he talk directly about Lao Zi, he compare Lao Zi to “The Dragon of Heavens” expression of respect and admiration. Most Chinese, to this day revere both Lao Zi and Confuscious.

  10. This is Judeo-Christian propaganda video (just like many English version on this subject), you can tell from the beginning.
    @0:13 you can clearly see the Jewish and Christian religious simbols, the Crucifixion Cross and the Menorah. It was put there to let the Christian viewers know and to stay tume (don’t switch channel). Because he is actually against Taoism…

  11. The professor sounded more like a historian, not a Taoist. He does covered 3 main aspects of Taoism, Lao Zi’s Tao Te Ching (the original thinker), Taoism as religious practice, and Zhuang Zi the philosopher and ultimate practictioner of Tao Te Ching.

  12. @RHM741 Wu Wei 无为 means anti-dogma or non-ideologically driven and anti-materialism. It can means many things within Tao Te Ching, but one thing that is not, it doesn’t means “Non-action”. 无wu = no, without, none, don’t have (its antonym is 有 to have); 为wei = to be, principle anchor, based on (something/idea)

    I’m not sure what chapter your quotes were based, they don’t sound like Lao Zi’s saying at all. Do us a favor, next time pls include the chapter number from which you quoted.

  13. “Buddha is above all”… “Alah is above all”…. “Jesus is above all”….
    How about…. My BROWN ARSE IS ABOVE ALL….?… Well.. at least when I’m on top…

    Why religious belief tend to make people so stupid, narrow minded and … ugly?

  14. @RHM741 I would consider it more to be Action without fussing. You do the job without fussing about it or placing any importance to it. You just do what needs to be done and move on.

  15. In the Tao Te Ching, it says:
    “The way of material knowledge is through accumulation [of worldly concepts].
    The way of Great Knowledge [Tao] is through shedding [of worldly concepts].
    Forever shedding until nothing is left. Then one arrives at Non-Action. (無爲, Wu Wei, Without-Do or -Effort)
    When one arrives at Non-Action, there is nothing that remains to be achieved.”

  16. NOTE:
    At that state, one becomes the embodiment of Knowledge. The key of attaining to Tao is not by worldly/intellectual means, but by non-striving/non-attachment/non-action.

  17. Note:
    Non-Action is Action without striving. (For the greatest achievement is attained through the deed of Non-Action, a state of non-resistance, in total accordance with the divine course of Tao.)
    It should NOT be translated as ‘without Action’. And to say “Without action, nothing can be achieved” is a total misconception, wrong interpretation, and misleading information.

  18. This video has an excellent narration and literary translation. However, there is a mistake on explaining the teaching of Tao.
    At timeline 4.40: [Video] “ Without action, nothing can be achieved”. — WRONG
    “With Non-Action, Nothing is left to be achieved”. — CORRECT

  19. Daoism originally wasn’t a religion, but it was never a Philosophy. Confucianism wasn’t a religion either – but maybe you could call that a philosophy.

    And yes, this video contains no actual content of Daoism.

  20. This video is bullshit… These people are just quoting textbooks written by Westerners who do not fully understand the order of the universe which they are attempting to explain/understand.

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