Teaching Ralph Waldo Emerson – L4815DVD

Excerpt from Teaching Ralph Waldo Emerson from the American Literary Classics – The Transcendentalists series from TMW Media to purchase this title on DVD, go to www.tmwmedia.com Summary: Teaching Ralph Waldo Emerson offers students and teachers a first of its kind introduction to Emerson. This program presents essential information for an introduction to this famous American philosopher, writer and intellect. Each chapter features instructional insights by distinguished scholars. Discover information about Emersons life and his significant essays which will enhance a better understanding to this pillar of nineteenth century American literature. Individual and class projects are outlined to help write, discuss and appreciate Emersons essays. Transcendentalist scholar and English teacher, Richard H. Baker, introduces classroom strategies for teaching Emerson relevant for todays student environment. Baker suggests instructional classroom techniques that have earned him accolades at Noble and Greenough School. Baker draws upon relevant issues in each Essay to foster discussion, writing and interpreting the best known Transcendentalist in America, Ralph Waldo Emerson. TRT: 26 min

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