3 thoughts on “Are there any herbal remedies to make a male last longer in bed?

  1. Eat a well balanced diet , and sleep well those are the keys , and remember if you haven’t had sex for a while , most probably you will have little chance to stay long , so you know what to do now!!

  2. You do not need herbal remedies at all:you need to practice the start and stop technique.
    Start having sex:till the point of almost climaxing:divert your mind totally from it.
    Think of putting the trash outside or doing Margareth Thatcher.
    That will stop you from coming.
    Then reload your engines again and carry on.
    You can keep this up very very long.

  3. There is this product called “horny goat weed”…Yeah, that is its name. It stimulates the libado (sex drive in your brain). It is a herbal medicine from china. You can find it on the internet, probably at a drug store, and even in some of those condom machines at the gas stations ; ) It is said to enhance the pleasure of both the user and his partener. It enhances most aspects of the male’s sexual side and is totaly herbal.

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