David Wolfe — medicinal mushrooms

David Wolfe discusses the 5 most important medicinal mushrooms. For more videos like this, visit LongevityNowProgram.com

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  1. @stuarttombros Yeah, some of the stuff he comes out with is pretty ridiculous.

    A lot of people get sucked in if they aren’t familiar with the subjects at hand though.
    Which is a shame

  2. I hope people don’t go out and eat a bunch of fly agaric and other nasty stuff after seeing this. haha
    But many mushrooms are very good for you. I used to love going mushroom hunting in the rainforest after a good rain. You just have to be ABSOLUTELY sure what you’re picking, counting the skirts and checking the gill colouration are just a small part of the identification process…not something to do unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. Buying it from a shop is safer and easier

  3. Oyster Mushrooms have long been considered a great medicinal mushroom. Recent studies have shown they can lower cholesterol and help fight cancer. Take a look at one of our videos of David Wolfe discussing our 100%sustainable oyster mushroom kits!

  4. It’s called “Club Fungi”. The main purpose of fungi are to return carbon to the earth from organic matter. Furthurmore, If you are not a professional..DON’T go around eating wild mushrooms. 98% of all wild mushrooms are poisonous and or psychedelic. They are full of indole based compounds that act heavily on the brain.

  5. I heard psilocybe cubensis are very good for spiritual health; it’s like being home after being lost for your whole life.

  6. Dude – I think thats quite harsh – David is a lovely person – and I think he definately deserves to get paid for selling things that help people get healthier and happier .
    Huckster ? – definately not in my books .

  7. I take Ganoderma tsugae and Ganoderma lucidum (Both are commonly called Reishi), Maitake, Shiitake, Chaga, Oysters, and Lions mane.

    Reishi are my favorite and provide tons of energy, they make me feel incredible and are very easy to find here in the southeast, USA.


  8. odlican video o povoljnim efektima tako mocnih prirodnih darova na zdravlje..congratulations on video..medicinal mushrooms are powerfull way for keeping our bodies healthy.

  9. @ANYONEMusiC

    So let me get this straight. His business pitch to your friend was to convince her to buy into his raw food “program” (which doesn’t exist) by downing a tub of ice cream in front of her. ok… whatever you say.

  10. like oyster mushrooms? they grow directly on living trees, the Japanese use this mushrooms for many reasons, and are even proven to assist curing cancer.

  11. I respect raw foodists and I would go raw during summer months of the year to clean myself BUT I also question this life style as a year-around and one and the only right way of eating because we all live in different climatic zones, having different ethnicity and origin. Mushrooms are very difficult topic since they accumulate a lot of enviromental poisons and consume them daily (like Wolfe is saying 8-9 capsules daily) soesn´t seem right. Some of them have to be cooked first!!!

  12. “hes the only raw food guy that doesnt look like he has hiv. He must be eating whatever when hes by himself”

    He consumes insects, as a fact. I’m pretty certain that he also ingests fermented raw dairy (goat & maybe cow).

    Daniel Vitalis has really gotten into the work of pioneers like Weston Price and consumes raw meat. It is very likely that David is eating raw meat, but I’m definitely not claiming that he is. I’ve been consuming raw animal foods for about 4 years. Vastly improved health.

  13. IT’s true, he’s a poser.
    And his legion of Raw foodies, are missing a big point. They claim “only raw foods” but then to properly assimilate Reishi Mushrooms, You have to COOK them for a few hours before they become bio-available to our systems. Total glaring mistake in their ideologies, as they ‘eat” reishi..and definitly not raw.

  14. I’ve tried to impose his theories back upon him, but never any concrete evidence supporting his grandiose HUCKSTER word play. He’s a poseur of the so called new-age blurring truth with total septic waste. Avoid his products and book..A good source of info about Mycology is Paul Stamets.

  15. hes the only raw food guy that doesnt look like he has hiv. He must be eating whatever when hes by himself, aka normal foods that make u healthy plus takeing his products, i luv cordyceps mushrooms, ill take them forever, 7 dollars for 2 months worth is what i pay. but yeah i hope he eats ice cream n lassagna, i dont but would respect him more if he did.

  16. MY friend Jenny courtney spent a week with dave and his cronies.. she is 19. she was shocked when they hit her up for 20,000 bucks to undergo “the program”.. then after she was shocked to see him down a tub of icecream, the cronies revealed that his fave food is LASAGNA !!! they also revealed that his product ORMIS (90 bucks per bottle) does nothing what-so-ever!!!! eat well, love nature, love your brother, and boycott this c***… like we have.

  17. I don’t know about this man or his claim but i am 44, eat wild mushrooms cooked in olive oil that grow on dead trees, eat pine needles regularly for vit c and pine park for the same as well as the anti-oxidants. I think the mushrooms definitely effected my skin and overall feeling of health before knowing anything about this subject. I’d say I can pass for early 30’s and skin is great. We don’t realize how vitamin deficient both we and our foods have become with gov tampering. my 2 pennies )

  18. Hydrazine is found in some types of Ascomycete species (bears spore in small sacs) such as the False Morel (Gyromitra esculenta.)

    Hydrazine, N2H4, is a carcinogen and cooking over high heat will rid these mushrooms of “most” of their hydrazine. Some people will eat Gryomitra after cooking without getting ill others won’t.

    There are plenty of good edible mushrooms why eat these and take the risk?

    More concerns…hydrazine fumes while cooking and long term affects of eating these.

  19. David Wolfe is a con man. Statements like “Mushrooms concentrate the trees high spin elements and wraps them around the spores” show he has no understanding of mycology or science. Electrons have up or down spin but Mr. Wolfe is making up his own fairy tale science as he goes along. This man is a total fake. Be warned.

  20. Coriolus versicolor is now called Trametes versicolor aka the turkey tail, very easy to find.

  21. Ganoderma tsugae or Ganoderma lucidum aka Reishi are very easy to find.

    The tea made from them taste very bitter though, if you can find your own medicinal fungi then you are in luck, health food store bought medicinal mushrooms are not nearly as potent as wild found mushrooms.

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