What spices and herbs go into a standard pizza sauce?

I want to bring some spices overseas to my niece so she can try making pizza for a college class. What spices and herbs make pizza sauce rather than spaghetti sauce? I could just by jars or cans of it and bring them over, but I want her to be able to recreate it herself after I am gone. Italian cooking is not my strong suit.

4 thoughts on “What spices and herbs go into a standard pizza sauce?

  1. I’d say basil and oregano could definitely go into a pizza sauce – I use these all the time and they give a really authentic taste. Fresh is better than dried but you can use dried.

  2. Basic seasoning for a good sauce is garlic or garlic powder, oregano and basil you can also add others like fennel seed and /or anise seed (used sparingly) some might even add a few red pepper flakes… all are Italian but not really necessary for an good Italian flavor.. the first 3 are the usual ones used and adding the others can make it even better but do not use anise seed and fennel seed together ..

  3. Pizza sauce has to have oregano, according to an Italian friend.

    Then for a basic kit that has a long shelf life and not require refrigeration, add basil, thyme, dried garlic bits (not garlic powder or garlic salt) and crushed red pepper. Put in a couple of cans of tomato sauce and a box of pizza dough mix. Finish with a can of grated parmesan-romano cheese (blasphemy, I know!). She’ll have to buy her own fresh mozzarella.

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