What do you guys think about tarot cards?

Long story short a friend of a friend came over to my apartment with some tarot cards and what he basicly told me was I had no future in playing the bass guitar. Should I listen to him?

4 thoughts on “What do you guys think about tarot cards?

  1. To be honest buddy, I really wouldnt trust what a couple of plastic cards suggest. I would prefer to use the good old magic 8-ball. At least that gives yes or no answers majority of the time

  2. I would not listen to him.

    I think he might just be playing a joke on you. I do not think the Tarot cards can tell your specific future. They can guide you and bring to a better understanding of your situation.

  3. It depends on whether or not your friend can actually read them, first of all. Lots of people can remember the meanings of the cards, and go through the motions but they may not have the spiritual ability to use them to predict the future. Yes, tarot cards can be used to answer specific questions, but sometimes the person can misinterpret the meaning. If the bass guitar is something that is a big part of your life, don’t give it up because of what could have been read wrong. You should never make any life changing decisions based on a tarot reading unless you are extremely confident in that person’s abilities and the meaning is extremely clear and can’t be read another way. Keep playing, and good luck if you’re trying to make it your future. 🙂

  4. As to your first question some guys follow tarot, others read tarot and others think it’s a load of bollocks.

    Should you listen to him? Absolutely not. Believe in yourself and do whatever you want.

    I pulled some cards for you and they say you have the potential to rise to be a big star. However you future is not yet written in this regard. So this means you have a choice to make and you haven’t yet made it.

    Remember the power of your life and your future is yours. Not anyone elses and certainly not the tarot cards unless they indicate fate cards, which means certain things are fated to happen and you can’t change that.

    In this case, you can and you have choice.

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