what is the best part of doing aromatherapy?

I am interested in learning more about aromatherapy, but I would like to hear from people on how they decided it was right for them? How did you get started? What is the biggest benefit you have had so far?

Thank you for all this help.

4 thoughts on “what is the best part of doing aromatherapy?

  1. It puts you in the right mood.. Good for relaxation. Better than cosmetics and scents.

  2. you can find your bliss in a scent. my friend was into bach flower remedies. when i am down, i know that simply sniffing a scent i like can help me cope. rescie remedy can be used on animals. they benefit. like in a car crash, the dog gets excited. a few drops and he calms down.

  3. Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from nature’s herbs and flowers. The aroma is inhaled, or applied to the skin, and each of the oils (or combination thereof) addresses a specific disorder. It appears that the body is able to utilize the healing properties of the oils through the olfactory system of the body, and so initiate the healing process. Aromatherapy practitioners would also have an understanding of the psychological and emotional factors of illness.

    This website has some great information and articles about Aromatherapy.

    Aromatherapy Blends – http://www.aromatherapy-blends.net

  4. My chiropractor first taught me about the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy. I had used oils before but didn’t get results until I started using the therapeutic grade oils he recommended. When I started seeing results so quickly for me and my animals…I was hooked!

    Start purchasing and using a few oils or a blend. Choose an issue you would like some healing for such as anxiety or insomnia. Essential oils provide healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level consciously and unconsciously but you have to believe in their power to heal like all alternative health modalities.

    The link below will provide you with all the information you need to get started. 🙂 Enjoy!

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