What’s Your Take on Eckart Tolle?

Mystical genius, shameless new age publishing capitalist, both … or what?? He’s the guy who wrote “A New Earth” that Oprah used for her recent book club selection.

1 thought on “What’s Your Take on Eckart Tolle?

  1. I wouldn’t say ‘genius’ exactly, because he’s saying the same things that mystics/teachers have been saying for a long time. However he has found a way to communicate these ideas in a way that people are able to accept/absorb it. So I would not condemn what he’s doing in any way. In addition I do not find the ‘new age’ label to be useful, because ‘new age’ has been used to describe everything from crystal therapy to meditation…some things are useful and some are not. Labeling things does not necessarily help you to understand the thing.

    I do find the title “A New Earth” very interesting, because he’s keyed on the fact that there is SOMETHING going on right now…many people do seem to be awakening in this moment. The numbers of people that tuned in to the Oprah webcast proves that something is going on. Perhaps this is happening in part due to the awareness that the US is clearly on a dangerous “egoic” path, and the violence of US political movements is shocking people onto a new path..at least that’s my theory.

    Technology has developed in such a way that it now has the power to magnify the human ego in a dangerous way. Our technology is now more advanced than our minds are. So either we advance (let’s not use the word ‘evolve’), or we will likely suffer.

    I suggest looking at how this awakening process fits in with human development in a bigger picture. Maslow (hierarchy of needs) was an old way of getting at this. Some more modern and all-inclusive models are in the works of Ken Wilber, as well as in Spiral Dynamics.


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