5 thoughts on “How does chiropractic therapy increase blood circulation in the body?

  1. When the patient is presented with a large bill for a series of massage treatments, the ensuing stress and consternation at being charged so much for such an ineffective treatment increases blood pressure and hence the flow of blood around the body.

  2. Where did you get the idea chiropractic therapy increases blood circulation? How can having your neck and/or back cracked increase circulation? Does cracking your knuckles increase circulation to your fingers?

  3. it is quite simple. you should know that all structures of the body are governed by the brain through the nervous system. interference to the nervous system often results in over-stimulation, rather than inhibition, of nerves, resulting in overstimulation of tissues receiving these abnormal impulses. allergies, for instance, are one example of a condition arising from such chronic pathological over-stimulation, in this case exhausting the adrenal glands. in the case of circulation, one means by which chiropractic normalizes circulation is at the arterial level. arteries have nerve endings embedded in their smooth muscle lined walls which regulate blood flow by causing dilation or constriction. when overstimulated by nerve interference, these nerve endings cause the affected arteries to constrict. correcting the overstimulation through specific chiropractic adjustment normalizes circulation by normalizing nerve communication. (chiropractic is not therapy/medicine. it is correction).

  4. I’d like to know first what “increase in blood circulation” means. Does that mean blood pressure increases? Does that mean the volume of blood increases? Does that mean the blood vessels dilate? What? What?! Whaaaaat?!

  5. Chiropractic is not for nor is it ever stated (correctly) that its application will increase blood flow. Manipulative techniques are not intended to or utilized for any change of the circulatory system.

    Osteopathy on the other hand has its foundations in this. Founder, A.T. Still hypothesized that joint misalignment interferes with the flow of blood in the body. He developed techniques to mobilize joints with the intent of altering blood flow. Today, osteopaths have abandoned these principles and no longer practice this way.

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