4 thoughts on “why is zen Buddhism called the belief of no faith?

  1. You do not need faith to believe in Zen.

    Zen is a search for truth not the truth itself.

    Each persons experience of Zen is unique and different yet every one of them is still true and correct.

    Zen is simple, yet it can take a lifetime to learn.

  2. Because theology is irrelevant to Enlightenment. You do not need gods in Buddhism, though you can have them, if you wish. Buddhism teaches how to understand life and break away from the cycle of reincarnation. It stems out of Hinduism, but meantions nothing about the Indian gods, because they are ultimately unimportant to the concept.

  3. Because belief is a compromised stage of mind and faith has nothing to do with mind.It is directly from the core of the heart.

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