Endorphin Release/Headache Relief – Delta/Theta/Gamma Meditation Binaural Beat BrainSync

Endorphin Release/Headache Relief – Delta/Theta/Gamma Meditation Binaural Beat BrainSync

If you enjoy this video, Please show your support and buy the full length version of this meditation! Thank you 🙂 bit.ly This meditation supports endorphin release with programmed frequencies 2.5hz and 4hz fluctuating with 38hz pairing frequency. This meditation is also good for relieving headaches. The full 30 Minute Meditation version of this audio track is available in high quality 320kbps MP3 format in the link below. bit.ly Light&Blessings

  1. 007gorillaFeb 01, 2011

    Now it makes mee feel weird

  2. 007gorillaFeb 01, 2011

    ITS..Making me choke……….

  3. godin007Feb 01, 2011

    Your video is kinda weird. But I understand binaural beats and frequencies and such so I sent it to my daughter which had a migraine and it left her. I asked her if she felt different and she was high from what she described. Very interesting. I just hope you stay the way you are and not alter the session to bring in control. You obviously care for people.God bless you!

  4. godin007Feb 01, 2011

    @Kazyman Very informatve, thanks for the reply. I am taking notes of it.

  5. GigunnieFeb 01, 2011

    Just here the sound

  6. TheLittlestEmuFeb 01, 2011

    @waln492 i love you more

  7. TheLittlestEmuFeb 01, 2011

    @TheLittlestEmu mythbusters are wrong, the brown noise does exist…

  8. waln492Feb 01, 2011

    @amcbub9th HAHAH REALLY?

  9. waln492Feb 01, 2011

    @TheLittlestEmu LOL i love you! that made my day.

  10. KazymanFeb 01, 2011

    @godin007 yes indeed, but make sure you tell them to buy it in the little gels because it’s fat soluable (they look like gold mini pearlette type thingies) Start at 4,000 i.u. (international units) daily, then work your way up to 10,000 i.u. daily. My kids & I haven’t gotten sick since we started 5 months ago (it usually takes a couple of weeks to kick in) & it doesn’t matter empty stomach or not. Any extra you just pee out, so no worries of overdosing. Say bye to colds, flues, & lab man-mades!

  11. J0P0EFeb 01, 2011

    pass the weed man.

  12. ALMITRAOCEANFeb 01, 2011

    Beautiful…thank you. And pleaseignore the ones who aren’t ready and don’t yet ‘get it’. You are doing great work and I appriciate you!!!!

  13. godin007Feb 02, 2011

    @merlin173 any flu, vitamin d3 (cure)

  14. toothbrush11Feb 02, 2011

    it creates buzzzz in mind…wat is this??????

  15. toothbrush11Feb 02, 2011

    it creates buzzzz in mind…wat is this??????///

  16. titoscorzaFeb 02, 2011

    brrrrrrrrrrrr…no se k me da estas vibraciones …..como k me alteran mi espiritu….no me gusta : (

  17. bbeeglesFeb 02, 2011

    headache producing annoying vibratory noise bad bad bad

  18. slovokFeb 02, 2011

    @kaspog0801 Retard? No…

  19. AliiboxFeb 02, 2011

    Huh.. kinda worked.

  20. skunkredhairFeb 02, 2011

    @kaspog0801 obviously you don’t have the weed ;p …

  21. KevinatIndyFeb 02, 2011

    brain fokker

  22. 2mas999Feb 02, 2011

    if you dont let yourself go there, you will not get there

  23. ViTAEGiSFeb 02, 2011

    @DemonReaper3928 lol

  24. soona86Feb 02, 2011

    could someone please tell me what is this?!?!?!
    some kind of a therapy or something? what is it?! and what are alpha waves?

  25. kaspog0801Feb 02, 2011

    this is retard!!!

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