Are there any Herbal Antidepressants that actually work?

I had been on antidepressants for 6 years and now i am not on them i am struggling with depression again.
I have tried St. John’s Wort and it is useless. I have read about Anxius. Does it really work or do any other herbal remedies work?

5 thoughts on “Are there any Herbal Antidepressants that actually work?

  1. There’s one called Sam-E that you can get at Walmart and CVS. I’ve known some people that have used it and said it helped very much.

    Also try 5-HTP. It’s a compound you can get at your local drug store as well. It helps to naturally elevate your seratonin levels. I tried this one and it seemed to improve my mood quite a bit.

  2. Please get your Hormone levels tested. In men or women if they are not in balance you can be really emotionally out of whack.

    If I am not on my hormones and they leach out of my system, I feel like I am driving at 60 mph towards a cliff. The cliff being miserable depression.

    I went into surgical menopause at 37 and have been on hormones for 31 years. Doctors always think I should be able to go off of them.
    BUT NOOO WAY.. My life is miserable without them.

  3. Our life is a mirror on our thoughts

    It’s important to understand that a big part of our life now is a reflection of our thoughts. We can’t understand the circumstances, but we can choose on what we’ll focus, on what we’ll think. Our oblivious thoughts with a little time became conscious thoughts, in other way our beliefs and conviction. Later they manifest in our daily life through the activities we do, which are based on our beliefs on how the world is functioning. If we understand this, we are going to ask ourselves, why we still need to stay on our attitude, when we know that they are the result on our life the way it is. Or why we need to live a life based on some other assurance?

    Ralph Emerson – one of the most cited authors today on the area of psychology of motivation and self evolution says that: “We stay on that on what we think the most”.

    Luisa Hey – author of “How to heal your life”, it explains this principle and says: “If we knew how much the influence of our thoughts is, we’ll never allow having negative thoughts”.

    It’s time now to make a decision to change our thoughts in relation with those aspects of life with we have problems. Our changed thoughts step by step will change our beliefs, the daily activities we do, the habits and finally our life.

  4. Which brand of SJW do you take? try to get a good one like Kira and maybe up the dose. I played around with a few brands and found that some didn’t work at all.

    Otherwise I would recommend 5-HTP and a fish oil. Also exercise or a 30 minute walk each day.

    I’ve tried both 5-HTP and SJW and they both worked for me, but are not as effective as prescribed antidepressants in my experience.

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