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  1. A lot of huge errors in this video. Some of the quotes and photos have nothing to do with Taoism.

  2. Taoism and Buddhism are ancient self help methods. To go beyond this involves very intense study, you must become a monk. But, it is there to be experienced by everybody. Move beyond want and you will begin to see it. Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks for the interesting intro to Taoism. For more information on Taoism I welcome you to check out my videos. Thanks

  4. Buddhism and Taoism may as well be renamed to Buddhosophy and Tao-ology because they’re not so much like -isms….. many people study and explore buddh”ism” and tao”ism” without feeling the need to label themselves as buddhists or taoists because those philosophies say something about the futility of labeling yourself in that way. Of course we’re humans and we love to label everything but I feel “-ism” makes things sound too much something you ought to subscribe to rather than just contemplate

  5. you made this video just so you could include the same image of Ozzy (not Ozzie), didn’t you? I want my money back.

  6. In some aspects, yes. But really they both have a similar central ambition, core belief, and not to mention geography.

    They both desire enlightenment, albeit Taoism is free of Nirvana. They both believe in a singular oneness (in Taoism it’s central based on the individual). They both really practice in the Indo-Chinese regions (China, Tibet, India, etc.)
    Plus Laozi was believed to have been the Buddha at one point.

  7. Beautiful video. I actually felt a chill throughout my body as I watched it.One ? though……..is Ozzie a Taoist ??

  8. I dont belive in the the religion of Taoism, but I agree with the Philosophy of Taoism, look at the past, battles, Kingdoms, they all fell because balance was tipped.

  9. Acutaly theres a big difference of buddhism and taoism. just becuase there both ancient asian religions doesent mean tehre simalir

  10. yah but making such of radical statements of what is the only true or not is just a little bit much 🙂 I understand organize religion is nonsense but , saying that budhism or zen or other spiritual path is the ONLY path makes it sound as radical as any of the other religions

  11. 2:24

    why would a clip of peace and harmony have an quick image of somebody that represents the complete opposite like ozzy?

    i ask becuase i think theres some wise viewers and hope maybe they will enlighten me….

    i was thinking its a subliminal… we know his face and im sure it triggers emotions the same way the word bomb or terror would. right?

  12. Taoism is so deep,yet so true. everything have it’s Yin and Yang. one can’t survive without the other. the idea and concept can be apply to everything throughout the Universe.without the concept of small there can be no big.same to everything…
    this is so much deeper than a special god like creature looking at you knowing everything and prepare to destroy everything…

  13. well, christianity and muslim are fantasy nonsense, the Buddhism and Taoism and Atheism make sense

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