Best Kundalini Yoga Meditation Technique

Best Kundalini Yoga Meditation Technique – Kundalini Yoga’s Kirtan Kriya, is considered the best and highest Kundalini Yoga Meditation. It incorporates power mantra meditation, along with mudra techniques (hand gestures) and chakra visualization to work its magic. Of all the techniques in Kundalini Yoga, this is the one to try if you were given the choice of just one meditation. From the feedback I have received the positive results from serious practice of this meditation has been surprisingly rapid. The link above gives more details about this technique, including cautions, timings, related meditations, etc.

  1. hillol100Feb 28, 2011

    This one strains my eyes badly. I hope looking so much through my third eye doesn’t affect the eyes that I already have?

  2. randomwitchdoctorFeb 28, 2011

    i guess you could also try to meditate and focus on the trip if it inst so strong, but the possibility is that you will loose your sense of reallity and meditation probably wont be possible.

    But i am no expert so whatever, give it a try ; )

  3. randomwitchdoctorFeb 28, 2011

    @lolointro1 because dmt is such a strong and intense trip lasting only for about 15 mins you are basicly blown away to space.
    meditation is about clearing your mind and focus on [whatever the meditation is about; mantra/breating/visualization]. Therefore i doubt it will be any different effect cause you will be in shpongle-land and not really alert.
    If you want to try psycedelics with meditation i would recommend meditating alot before taking the substance and then take some mushrooms.

  4. AquiVengaElSolFeb 28, 2011

    @rorkimaru hello! as I’ve learned this (from a book by one of Yogi Bhajan’s student’s) you can lengthen or shorten the time as long as you keep the 1:1:2:1:1 ratio of time between spoken, whispered, and mentally projected mantra… so 3 minutes aloud, 3 whispered, 6 silent, 3 whispered, 3 aloud…. or 10 min spoken, 10 whispered,20 silent, 10 whispered, and 10 aloud. or any variation on that ratio. hope that helps. Sat Nam!

  5. rorkimaruFeb 28, 2011

    How would you time doing this? Would you have an audio cue or something?

  6. BrooklynMoorFeb 28, 2011

    Thanx for the clear, concise, abbreviated demo of kundalini the most advanced and potent form of meditation in thw yoga system. I will share it with people on FB

  7. TheMegamike90Feb 28, 2011

    Hope it can help Achieve ASTRAL PROJECTION easier

  8. kidal91Feb 28, 2011

    @lolointro1 hmm, never thought of that ..

  9. lolointro1Feb 28, 2011

    have you ever taken dmt before meditation?

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