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  1. A pagan is someone who follows a non-Judeo-Christian religion. There are thousands of distinct pagan religions, including Wicca and arguably Voodoo.

    Wicca is a modern, polytheistic religion with ritual generally centered upon a patron god and goddess. It stresses polarity and balance, as well as responsibility for one’s own actions. Wiccans see the physical and spiritual worlds as being intimately connected. Wicca is an esoteric religion, with the real truths of it being learned through experience, rather than through instruction. The various practices of Wicca are to help people find those experiences and lessons. Wicca has no prophet and no holy books.

    Witchcraft is a magical practice.

    Voodoo (also called Vodou) is a syncretic Caribbean religion, a fusion of African tribal religion and Catholicism.

    More info: http://altreligion.about.com/od/alternativereligionsaz/p/vodou.htm

    The star with a circle around it is a pentagram. Wiccans commonly use it as an identifying symbol of their faith. However, there are lots of other people who use it as well. Satanists sometimes use them, as do witches and ceremonial magicians. There are LOTS of different meanings for it, depending who is using it and in what context.

  2. They are all different though some are interchanged….this may be confusing so you may want to do your own research.

    The star with a circle around it is a pentacle. It’s used in witchcraft, Wicca, paganism, and some other religions though they might not have the circle around it. In most cases, each point represents earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. It’s also a human being with their arms and legs outstretched.

    Wicca is an off-shoot of witchcraft. It is a modern tradition started in the 1950’s and 1960’s by Gerald Gardner in England. It has it’s own rules, practices, rites. It is a recognized religion. it’s duo-theistic meaning that it believes in the God and Goddess. It is not Traditional Witchcraft though some claim it to be. Within witchcraft, there are a lot of different practices…it depends on where you are in the world. Some people consider witchcraft evil…others do not. But there is no Devil or Satan in Wicca or witchcraft. Most forms of witchcraft (and there are many…just like there are many branches of Christianity and Buddhism) have a code of ethics, a belief system, and guidelines. The God and Goddess are sometimes worshiped and in many forms…or sometimes it’s just the Goddess.

    Paganism is Wicca, Witchcraft and all polytheistic (many gods and goddesses) religions. It’s a term that has been used to include anyone who is not a Christian. It is a term mainly used by Christians to describe other not of their faith…much like Jews refer to gentiles. It’s not a derogatory term. Many pagans have rules or guidelines…other see it as they have their beliefs but they don’t fit into any religions or belief systems. Paganism is such a broad term…I highly suggest you look it up as you should look up all of these.

    Voodoo..well…it depends on what you’re talking about. There’s New Orleans Voodoo, Haitian voodoo, West African voudon and hoodoo….take your pick and look it up. It’s not witchcraft, wiccan or really pagan at all. It too is it’s own belief system of African beliefs and Christianity. Saints are very important. The slaves had their own beliefs…in order to practice them, they blended them with Christianity. In some places, this is not so.

    Hoodoo is sometimes called granny magic and has some resemblance to voodoo.

    Please…do your own research. There are plenty of sources on all of these practices.

  3. A pagan religion is a religion is any religion that isn’t an Abrahamic religion – that is, a religion that isn’t based on Judaism. There are thousands of pagan religions.

    Wicca is a specific pagan religion that was started in the 1950’s by Gerald Gardiner. Witchcraft is, at its most vague, using magic. There are a lot of types of witchcraft – some of them are religious (Wiccan Witchcraft) and some are not (Ceremonial Magic).

    Voodoo is a pagan religion which has a strong magical aspect, originating in Africa. (At least, as far as I am aware. I have done very little research on Voodoo)

    The star with the circle around it is called the Pentacle or Pentagram and depending on the orientation of the star can be a symbol of Wicca/some Pagan religions or Satanism. If the star points upwards it is Pagan and it represents the four elements and spirit. If the star points downwards it’s a symbol of Satanism and it is a visual representation of Satan. It’s used in a huge variety of ways, as it’s also included in Ceremonial Magic.

  4. Pagan = A practitioner of paganism. Paganism is a large category of religions that can be hard to define. Often it is described as any non-Abrahamic faith, any polythiesitc faith or any faith based on pre-Chrsitian european practices.

    Wicca = A pagan religion founded in the 1950s by Gerald Gardner that is based on pre-Christian british traditions, some occultism and some eastern philosophy among other things. They wroship a dual God and Goddess, celebrate the seasons and generally revere “nature.” They often also practice witchcraft, sometimes actually refering to their religion as “Witchcraft” itself, which is confusing since many non-Wiccans also practice witchcraft.

    Witchcraft = A practical magickal craft that can be practiced by anyon of any faith and is defined loosely as anything within the range of folk magick to ceremonial magick.

    Voodoo = An african diasporan religion established in the Carribean based on a combination of some African religions, some Native American beliefs and some Catholic influences, among other things.

    Hoodoo = A magickal system based on a combination of American influences, often confused with or associated with Voodoo, but, as a form of witchcraft, it is not a religion and can be practiced by anyone of any faith… most Hoodoo practitioners I know are not Voodoo practitioners. (I know you didn’t ask, but it’s relevent)

    The symbol of the star with the circle around it = A pentacle. Actually, the star on its own is a pentacle, the circle can be included or not, but often is. It is a very old symbol that has a great many number of meanings. It’s been used to describe anything from the five wounds of Christ (in a Christina context) to the five elements of eastern religion (in a Japanese context) to the Satanic goat’s head to the five elements of Wicca and western thought. It really all depends on the context and intent. Many modern witches and pagans have adopted it as the symbol of their faith. I have several myself.

  5. Paganism is polytheistic, and Wicca is a type of paganism (its worship centers around Gods and Goddesses and reverance with Nature). Witchcraft is a practice and learned skill, and you don’t have to be Wiccan to practice it, you can be any religion. Voudon (another term for voodoo) on the other hand is different from all of these things you mentioned. Voudon is an African Witchcraft tradition mixed with Roman Catholic beliefs, and commonly practiced in New Orleans, Haiti, and parts of the Carribean. Unlike Wicca (which is white magick), Voudon incorporates both black and white magick.
    I don’t practice Voudon, but I’m telling you this based off of what I learned in the past.

    The star with the circle around it is called a pentacle (without a circle, it is a pentagram). Wiccans and Witches use the pentacle to represent the 5 elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit), and is a universal symbol of protection.
    Satanists use the pentagram, but with one point facing down, and two facing up. Wiccans and Witches DO NOT use this form of the pentagram. They don’t worship Satan or acknowledge absolute evil. Like I said, we believe in a Goddess and God, and they manifest in Nature, and they are within us all.

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