10 thoughts on “Do you believe that Li Ching-Yuen is the oldest man ever dieing at age 256 according to Chinese records?

  1. The Bible mentions Methuselah. I wouldn’t put much faith in such stories.

  2. The world has always been full of people who do everything possible to extend their lives, including all of the things that Li Ching-Yuen is said to have done. Why would it have worked only for him? I can’t help but be skeptical.

  3. i cant say yes or no becuz i wasn’t there. But life lessons will teach u that anything is possible.

  4. Chinese records are among the most meticulous in the world up to a point, and then they becone invention and fabrication. To answer your question, Nope. Don’t believe it but I do think he was extremely old as far as westerners perceive,

  5. Nope. Look at the age the men lived to in book of Genesis. Methuselah was the oldest man recorded there and he lived to 969 years.

    If you counted Enoch and Elijah, they have never died at all–just taken up into heaven.


  6. One must keep in mind that the way we measure time now is not the way our Ancestors measured time.

    So people in the bible who were said to be 200 or 300 years old may have been only 80 or 90 by the way we measure time.

    The same would be for those in china Li Ching-Yuen for example:

    Doubts about his real age
    It is not likely that his age will ever be authenticated, and many believe such mortality is humanly impossible. According to the legend, during the course of his lifetime he had 14 wives and about 200 descendants.

    Although not officially recognized in occident, the research in the official Chinese records stays that he would be by far the oldest person who ever lived, surpassing the official record (even any other claimed age) by more than 100 years.

    The official title for the longest confirmed human lifespan goes to a French woman, Jeanne Louise Calment, who died in 1997 at the age of 122 years.

    The Tai Chi Chuan Master Wong Kiew Kit wrote about Li Qing-Yun in his homepage, answering to his readers’ questions: “I am not sure whether the Good Luck Man, Li Qing Yun, was a real person or just a myth, but he is certainly an inspiration to us.”


  7. time defintly measured differently just look at the bible moses even out lived him

  8. This does sound incredibly interesting, and even wikipedia and other sources that I have researched say that they cannot verify, or will never be able to. Now, master Li, as he was called….does not seem to have any lineage to back up his age. On the other hand, biblical men of ancient times do. It is all a matter of whether or not one takes the Word of GOD as inerrant, infallible, and 100% dictated by GOD HIMSELF, thru the pens of the many authors HE chose for each of the different points thru out history. I FIRMLY BELIEVE that the BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GOD; and thus~ have studied up on the bigger questions that do not make sense at first. SUCH AS: Why did they live to be so much older in the beginning? One word will give you a great starting point, if you choose to further investigate the “how” of OLD age. That word::::: *{OXYGEN}* ::::::

    Oxygen saturation of the blood is of the utmost importance. There is NO possible way that I could express all that I have learned, here in this limited space. But I can lead you to a video that is WELL WORTH watching; the culmination of a scientific and faith based study, concerning the ABILITY of human longevity, and makes so much sense if you are willing to listen. Here is the link:

    (THE TRUTH ABOUT THE GARDEN OF EDEN & CREATION) …the last film @ the bottom left of the page.

    I do hope you watch the video in it’s entirety. It does well in explaining the simplicity of many things that mankind and ‘modern scientific minds’ only choose to complicate.

    I DO think that Li Ching-Yuen may have actually lived that long. I DO think it is possible. But just the same, it could be a hoax. As I stated from the top, we may never know the truth? But the video I offer may give you some insight into how it would be possible. Please DO watch it, very fascinating from beginning to end, indeed!
    God Bless You,

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