13 thoughts on “Making Lavender Soap – Life with Herbs – Emelie Tolley

  1. Can you please tell me the amount of glycerine soap goes in this recipe?

    thank you, really love your video.

  2. great instruction. fast, easy and to the point…im not a person of much patience either hehehe. i will try this to give as favors in my wedding. thanks again!

  3. I wanna try making hand-milled soaps the French way…….I have your book by the way….love those recipes….

  4. We usually age the soaps for three to six months in a cool, dark place. They seem to last longer.

  5. Some prefer to have the oatmeal settle on the bottom because one side will be mildly abraisive and the other smooth. One trick for keeping the lavender in the soap is to make sure that it is fully in solution when pouring and then place the soap in the freezer to hasten hardening before it settles. Remove the soaps before being frozen, but after hardening somewhat. Hope this helps.

  6. hi i also heard that melt and pour soap is ready to use pretty much right away after you did it. i am confuse???:( sorry i am new at this and still learning.

  7. how do you make your dry lavender stay all over your soap and not just at the bottom. i tried with oatmeal and all the oatmeal stayed all at the bottom:(

  8. Don’t be overwhelmed … a little practice and patience go a long ways. Good luck and thanks for your comments. We love lavender as well.

  9. I LOVE lavender!! I am wanting to start making soap from scratch!!! I have started acquiring some supplies…but overwhelmed.

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