3 thoughts on “Medicinal Herbs Provides Relief and Cures?

  1. Yes…Because they are a natural & safe alternative..From my experience medicanal herbs have alot of benefits because they are God’s creation not synthedic made by a chemist.

  2. The pill peddlers learned from plants so YES. It is like learning about what helps headaches… Muscles get knots called trigger points. These make the muscles tight causing them to press on nerves and other thing.
    Pain can be referred from places other than the head.
    #1 The first thing is to take a couple swigs of molasses or eat a couple of bananas. They contain magnisium and potassium both of which muscles need.
    #2 WATER she should be drinking 1/2 gallon minimum. The head of neurology at UCDavis likens a body running low on water to a car running low on oil (the engine can seize).
    Get a good (deep tissue) massage (to loosen the trigger points) on the back, shoulders and neck. Make sure to press up at the base of the skull where it meets the spine.
    You rub or lightly scratch everywhere on your head. You will hit spots that are tender these are trigger points. The idea is to rub across them 6-12 times per session up to six times per day until they go away.
    For more information on trigger points read The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Davies.

  3. well, depends. generally speaking, herbs are not as effective as synthetics, but with less side effects. for acute cases such as trauma, accidents medicine is the choice. for headache, fatigue, or in the cases where medicine doesnt work, herbs may benefit

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