6 thoughts on “Do you believe gem stones and minerals have healing properties?

  1. it depends. This is like a fish asking if water is good for fish. The answer is simple but hard to explain…

  2. well here is my opinion on that. you know how quartz crystals are used in time pieces because when electricity passes through it, it has a steady and predictable pattern so it can be used to tell time. Well our bodies are big electric systems and so when you place a crystal next to that system it will have an effect on the electricity going around that individual. now here’s also the thing the body is huge a crystal is generally very small so it’s effect is going to be very small as well and may not be sufficient to show benefit in an acute case. but the mind is a powerful tool as well so if the person believes they will get well then the placebo effect augments the crystals effect and there might be a result I wouldn’t use crystals as a sole source of treatment though because science has not proven their benefit it’s only anecdotal.

  3. Yes I beleive in al natural herbs to be very much helpfull in pain energy and a healthy way of living with out all the drugs doctors provide to us.
    There are many natural Nutritional suppliments that can provide you with many healing capabilities.
    I dont think I can say here where to get one of the best suppliments for a healthier way of life with out breaking the TOS agreement.

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